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April 13 — April 16
Chinaplas, Shenzhen, China

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General information:

Language: English.
Frequency of publication: 6 issues a year
Circulation 9.850 copies: print (1.200) + qualified digital readership (8.650)


USA and Canada (30,0%), Asia (34,0%),  Latin America (19,0%), Europe (14,0%), other countries (3,0%)

International 1-2021

The issue's advertisers:

Silage Film for Bale Wrap

Newly developed formulations from SML make it possible to manufacture high-quality silage film on its cast stretch fi lm lines.  Compared with the manufacturing of blown silage fi lm, this new approach offers some key advantages

Next Generation Lines of Twin-screw Extruders Introduced in the U.S. and Canada

Bausano announced the introduction of its next generation lines of twin-screw plastic extruders in the U.S. and Canadian  markets. The two renewed product lines are best suited for several types of extrusion, pipes, granules, wood plastic composites  (WPC), profiles and materials used in the medical industry

Investment in Austrian Recycling Technology

The Pan Era Group is progressing on one of its most ambitious growth steps so far, which is the establishment of yet another  plastic recycling plant in Cikande, Indonesian. It is at this new location that Pan Era Group relies on Austrian recycling  competence and has ordered an ES-compound extrusion line with an output of 1000 kg PE per hour from MAS

Reliable, Trouble-Free Melt Filtration as a Decisive Factor for the Economical Use of Reclaim in Plastics Processing

If inhouse waste and heavily contaminated postconsumer waste are added to the production process, foreign particles are  introduced into the melt fl ow. These have to be fi ltered out effi ciently. Several filtration systems require a production  interruption when changing screens. With the Gneuss Rotary Technology, the conditions in the melt fl ow are permanently  constant

Raffi a Producer Now Recycles in One Step

Post-industrial recycling of PP raffi a, woven sacks, tapes, non-woven/woven could be challenging at times for some producers.  It’s diffi cult to process in one single step due to size and strength of the material waste. Polystar’s Repro-One  recycling machine provides solutions to many problems

BOPP and BOPE Inline Coating – Perfect Barrier, Improved Recyclability

The inline coating technology offers decisive advantages for BOPP and BOPE applications. Brückner’s newly developed  technology is installed between the machine film orientation (MDO) and the transverse film orientation (TDO) process



Firms in this issue 06
Imprint 07
Industry news 08
Calendar 08
The Date for interpack 2023 is Set 08
ICE Europe 2021 Postponed 09
PLAST Postponed 10
Wire and Tube – Terms for 2022 are set 10
NPE2021 Cancelled 11
CHINAPLAS 2021 – Igniting New Momentum during Challenging Times 12
New Shrink Film Line for an Enhanced Product Portfolio 12
Fakuma 2021 – The Course is Set for Circular Economy 13
Difficult Year for Italien Manufacturers of Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery 14
System Components and Controls for Plastics Production 14
Acquisition 15
High International Rating Received 16
Seamless Commissioning of Systems Thanks to Optimal Preparation on the Digital Twin 16
New Managing Director 17
Changes in the Board of Executive Directors 18
Construction of an Extrusion System in Italy – Bottle Cycle Expediting 18
Investment into Expansion of Production 19
New Sales Area Manager 20
New Exclusive Distributor for PVC Additives in India 20
Even Closer to Customers 21
The Trend is Towards Big Plants and the Highest Quality Recyclate 21
PLA Compounds – Contribution to the EU Green Deal 2030 22
Maximising Production Capacity with a Minimal Investment 22
PP Additive for Thermoforming 23
„Closed The Loop“ Pilot Project Eliminates Single-Use Cups 23
State-of-the-Art Plant for Post-Consumer Plastic Waste Sorting and Advanced Mechanical  Recycling Opened 24
ColorForwardTM 24
Extrusion Tooling – New Crosshead 25
Divestiture of Screws and Barrels Product Line 25
Compostable Paper Laminate for Flexible Packaging 26
Extrusion Tooling 26
Reciprocating Head introduced – Automated Extrusion Process Drastically changes the  Extruded Profile 28
Film Extrusion 28
Silage Film for Bale Wrap 31
Film Coating 31
BOPP and BOPE Inline Coating – Perfect Barrier, Improved Recyclability 32
Extrusion Technology 32
Next Generation Lines of Twin-screw Extruders Introduced in the U.S. and Canada 34
Recycling 34
Investment in Austrian Recycling Technology 35
Quality Control 35
External Inspection Solution for Highest Polymer Quality 36
Circular Economy 36
Oil from Plastic Waste 38
Recycling 38
Reliable, Trouble-Free Melt Filtration as a Decisive Factor for the Economical Use of Reclaim in Plastics Processing 39
Recycling 39
First Fully Recyclable Packaging Tube 40
Recycling 40
Raffi a Producer Now Recycles in One Step 42

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