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New Issue
Trade Shows
06. May - 10. May 2024
NPE, Orlando, USA

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International 6-2019

The issue's advertisers:

Automated Sample Inspection and Detection of Metallic Contamination in Plastic Pellets

Even smallest metallic contamination in plastic pellets can cause signifi cant problems during the production and processing of plastics. SIKORA has developed a special offline inspection system that reliably detects and analyzes contamination from 50 μm in plastic pellets. With the support of X-ray technology, a non-destructive look into and through plastic pellets is possible

Innovative Solutions for an Evolving World

Key DuPont exhibits and the company’s commitment to a collaborative and innovation-driven approach are the major highlights in the interview with Jeroen Bloemhard, Global Vice President at DuPont Transportation & Industrial

Mono-Material Hot Fill Cups out of foamed PET

SML is developing foamed sheet for hot fi ll applications with new features in terms of heat resistance, insulation and recyclability in a joint R&D programme together with its partner KIEFEL. The basis for these new products is a 3-layer PET (or PP) sheet with a physically foamed central layer

Plastic Additives improve the Manufacture and Functionality of Underwater Cable Sheathing

Siechem Wires and Cables has developed underwater cables using a tailor-made BASF plastic additives package. The additives play a crucial role in stabilizing the production process and extending the service lifespan of underwater cable sheathing

Universal Construction Kit of the Future

ENTEX Rust & Mitschke is once again represented this year with a stand in the German pavilion at the interplastica fair in Moscow. The main attraction at the exhibition stand will be the new L-WE 30 laboratory roller extruder



Firms in this issue 06
Imprint 07
Industry news 08
Calendar 08
Partnership Agreement signed at K 2019 08
12th European Thermoforming Conference 11
PLAST 2021: Registration is Open 11
Cooperation 12
SPE Thermoforming Division Conference will be Biennial 12
Space Requests for NPE2021 Tracking Ahead of NPE2018’s Record-Breaking Pace 13
14th Global Bioplastics Award 2019 14
New Chief Technical Offi cer appointed 15
Doubts and Hopes for Italien Manufacturers of Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery 16
Moving to Part-Time Role 16
Gold for Packaging Innovation 17
Open Day fort he 70th Anniversary 18
Market Study: Polyethylenen – HDPE (5th ed.) 18
Corrugated Tubing made of Regenerated Polyamide for Cable Protection brings Additional Sustainability tot he World of Industrial Robots 19
Successful Run of Groundbreaking Plastics Recycling Technology 20
Extrusion Tooling 20
Thickness, Grammage and Density Measurement 21
Rotary Extrusion Dies with 2X Increase in Speed 22
New Thermoformer Signifi cantly raises Manufacturing Speed and Output 22
roboTestN – Fully Automated Small Series Testing in the Lab 23
Commitment to Plastics Recycling stepped up 23
New Initiative „Choose Plastic“ 24
HDPE Recycling – Acquisition 24
Recyclability of Plastics Waste while Sustaining Valuable Properties 25
New President 25
Measuring Technology 26
Advancement WARP XXL 26
Extrusion Technology – Case Study 28
With the Right Recycling Technology to the Highest Quality 28
Measuring Technology 32
Automated Sample Inspection and Detection of Metallic Contamination in Plastic Pellets 32
Materials 35
Plastic Additives improve the Manufacture and Functionality of Underwater Cable Sheathing 35
Measuring Technology for Round Products 36
First Single-Unit System Performing Complete Contour Measurement and Surface Inspection at the Same Time 36
Measuring Technologies 38
PROFILMASTER® – Complex Shape Measurement Made Easy 38
Materials – Interview 39
Innovative Solutions for an Evolving World 39
Circular Economy – Interview 40
„We want to do something about the garbage on the seas“ 40
K 2019 42
gives a Clear Signal for Responsible Handling of Plastics 42
Individual Variety with High Degree of Automation 43
Automation of Extrusion Lines 44
Innovation Lab 44
Sustainable Stretching: PET Film improves the Engergy and Ecological Balance 45
Successful K 2019 46
The New PVC Pipe Heads Already Tested in Practice 47
Circular Visions, Small Flakes and Big Data 48
New Division introduced 49
Sales at K 2019 exceed $ 17 Million 50
C:GRAN: Cutter-Compactor-Extruder Combination 51
Mono-Material Hot Fill Cups out of foamed PET 52
Able to Handle Anything 53
Partnership 54
New Hot-Wash System 55
Future Proof Performance Tool launched at K-Show 74
New PP Resin clears the Way for New Extrusion Blow Molding Applications 56
Great Expectations to develop New Projects 57
Interplastica 2020 58
in Moskow with Favourable Prospects 58
Universal Construction Kit of the Future 59
New Rotary Filtration System SFneos, and more 60
Innovative Measuring, Control, Inspection, Analysis and Sorting Devices 62
Film and Recycling Division in Focus 63
Biax Film Production for a Circular Economy 64
Packaging Line, Blown Film Technology and more 66

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