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New Issue

Extrusion 3-2023


Extrusion 3-2023

Trade Shows
05. September - 08. September 2023
Plast, Milan, Italy
International 5-2017

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Precision in seven layers

Worldwide, up to 2.5 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day. Much of this is prepared from coffee powder capsule portions in coffee machines. Due to the necessary oxygen barrier to prevent ageing of the coffee due to oxidation, these capsule portions consist of either aluminium or a plastic composite foil with an integrated oxygen barrier. Since 2015, the latter have been produced by the “Greiner Packaging” in Kremsmünster, Austria. For this purpose, a sustainable production concept was developed together with the peripheral equipment manufacturer motan and the Austrian agent Luger. With this concept, the punching waste left over after punching out the deep-drawn capsule bodies is completely fed back into the 7 layer extrusion line in accordance with all quality limits.

“Next Generation”equipment at Equiplast

The battenfeld-cincinnati team was showcasing technologically advanced extrusion developments at Equiplast at the booth of long-time partner and agent for Spain Comercial Douma. “For battenfeld-cincinnati, Spain has always been an important market and we have many long-standing customers there. Besides our new NG extruder series, we will present the latest developments for thermoforming sheet extrusion. Plastics packaging, especially for food, is a future trend and food packaging already accounts for more than a third of the global packaging market.

rPET packaging trend

One year ago EREMA announced the relaunch of the Multi-Purpose Reactor (MPR) at the Discovery Day. Since then, the trend towards the food contact grade direct processing of PET products has continued to grow. More and more customers are enhancing their existing extrusion plant by adding the attribute of food contact compliance


Firms in this issue 06
Imprint 07
Industry news 08
Calendar 08
Reifenhäuser Digital Established 08
Ultra-thin core insulation and minimized microphonic effects 11
Asaclean PF – a strong addition to the purging compound portfolio by VELOX 11
Krones and Erema are joining forces to progress PET recycling 12
TROESTER innovations at the IRC/Rubber Expo 13
“Our machines shape the world” 14
UL certification of PA expands international product standards 15
New Mach 500 waterjet cutting system 16
Davis-Standard Completes Maillefer Acquisition 16
Double twin plants for polyolefins recycling 17
BASF to acquire Solvay’s global polyamide business 18
Precision in seven layers 20
“Next Generation”equipment at Equiplast 24
Innovation in the plastic pipe industry: PVC-O fittings ecoFITTOM® 26
Blown films perfectly suited for lamination 29
Quantum E 30
“It’s not a tube you’re investing in – it’s safety“ 33
rPET packaging trend 36
CHINAPLAS is ready for new breakthroughs 38
Full House for 25th Birthday! 40
EREMA founds POWERFIL business unit 41
HERBOLD’s main emphasis in recycling 42
SIKORA: Innovative measuring, control, inspection 44
Gneuss: new at the Fakuma 46
FEDDEM: ICX® technology expanded to include LFT process 48
Maag: new underwater pelletizing system 49
ILLIG: Delivered 60 Percent More Sheet Processing Machines 50

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