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New Issue
Trade Shows
15. - 19. October 2024
Friedrichshafen, Germany

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International 4-2022

The issue's advertisers:

Intensive Cooling „Short Stack“ Technology

Addex will launch the latest iteration of its patented Intensive CoolingTM technology, the “Short Stack,” at the upcoming K 2022  exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany

Full Range of Plant-Based Polymer Additives

Palsgaard will take the opportunity of K 2022, to position itself as a preferred supplier to polymer producers, masterbatch  manufacturers and compounders seeking to lower their carbon footprint and go renewable

CENTERWAVE 6000 – Now Also for Pipes up to 1,200 mm Diameter

SIKORA offers the CENTERWAVE 6000 for the measurement of wall thickness, inner profile and diameter as well as ovality of  plastic pipes. Now a new model is available

Presence in Italien Market Strengthened with Top Technology Solutions

Tecnomatic increases its presence in the Italian market with the agreement to supply a new line for multilayer polyethylene to  the company Riccini, an historical company in the panorama of the production of Italian plastic pipes

Bundled Expertise fort he Production of Alternative Polyolefin-Baded Floor Coverings

In cooperation with ExxonMobil and additional development partners, KraussMaffei has successfully completed the in-house  project for the production of alternative PP-based floor coverings in its R & D center in Hannover, Germany

Belling Machine Forms Rieber Socket in PVC-O Pipes

SICA has developed an innovative Rieber belling process, specific for PVC-O pipes (oriented molecule PVC pipes). At the same  operating pressure, these pipes require a wall thickness of about 35 to 40% less than those in PVC-U and allow the construction  of water supply pipes up to 25 bar of operating pressure



Firms in this issue 06
Imprint 07
Industry news 08
Calendar 08
The Halls are Packed: This is interpack 2023 08
wire and Tube 2022 – Sustainability a Much-Debated Topic in the Exhibition Hall 09
SPE Thermoforming Division announced 2023 Conference 09
PLASTPOL 2022 10
Supply of Slitter Rewinders and Outlook for Additional Lines Thanks to Relationship with Chinese BOPP Film Giant 11
Over 20 Thousand Visitors at the First Edition of Greenplast 12
AMAPLAST Assembly 12
Acquisition 13
European Plastics and Rubber Machinery Industry Fall Shy of Global Production Growth 14
Multifunctional Coating Line 14
New Distribution Partner 16
Series of Explosion-Proof Roots Pumps Expanded 16
Strategic Start-Up Investment 18
Global Footprint expanded with the Construction of a New Production Facility in Austria 18
Chief Procurement Officer Appointed 20
Executive Vice President of the Digital & Service Solutions Division Appointed 20
New Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing 20
Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2022 21
Vice President for Canadian Operations Appointed 21
Chief Information Officer Appointed 21
Acquisition 22
Stake in Start-Up Company 22
New CEO 24
New 800 Series Hybrid Extrusion Tooling Announced 24
New Board Elected 25
Market Study – Fillers 25
Major Investment in Europe’s Capacitor Film Production 26
Advanced Web Transfer Device Patented 26
Rotary Extrusion Dies with 2X Increase in Speed 27
PET Washing Systems in Demand 27
„Be A Waste Transformer“ 28
Inspection and Classification – Effective Evaluation & Distribution of Raw Materials 29
Call for Closing the Loop on Plastics and Beyond 30
Growing Revenues, Plant Sizes and Production Capacities 30
Extrusion Coating and Laminating Line Installed 31
K 2022 32
Global Plastics and Rubber Industry Jointly Active for Climate Protection, Circular Economy and  Digitaliziation 32
Messe Düsseldorf Ensures Highest Air Quality 32
The Italiens at K 2022 33
Complete Lines for the Entire Extrusion Industry 34
Intensive Cooling „Short Stack“ Technology 36
Using Sustainability as a Success Driver, Benefiting from Digitalization, Increasing Productivity 37
Smart Solutions to Increase the Sustainability of Film Stretching Lines 38
Technology Innovations at K 2022 – Higher Plant Efficiency for Sustainable Film Production 39
Sustainable and Digital 40
New System to Improve Pellet Cooling and Ejection 41
Circular Economy: Digitalization Makes the Decisive Difference 42
Full Range of Plant-Based Polymer Additives 43
Sustainable Machinery Performance and Smart Factory 44
„Quality Works“ 45
Sheet Extrusion – Case Study 46
Multi-Touch Roll Stack is Good for our Feet 46
Pipe Extrusion – Interview 48
Trends in the Extrusion of Plastic Pipes 48
Measuring Technology 50
CENTERWAVE 6000 – Now Also for Pipes up to 1,200 mm Diameter 50
Pipe Extrusion 51
Presence in Italien Market Strengthened with Top Technology Solutions 51
Circular Economy – From Research 52
Achieving Sustainability Targets by Digital Means 52
Material Handling, Recycling 54
Innovative ZS-B MEGAfeed Side Feeder Makes Plastics Recycling Markedly More Economical 54
Sheet Extrusion 56
Bundled Expertise fort he Production of Alternative Polyolefin-Baded Floor Coverings 56
Pipe Extrusion 58
Belling Machine Forms Rieber Socket in PVC-O Pipes 58

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