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New Issue
Trade Shows
23. April - 24. April 2024
Chinaplas, Shanghai, China

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International 5-2022

The issue's advertisers:

Recycling Pioneer Establishes Closed Loop for PET Food Packaging

As a plastic packaging manufacturer and EREMA customer in Denmark, Faerch is the first company in the world to  successfully integrate the recycling of european postconsumer PET household pots, tubs and tray packaging into its own  production process

Customized Recycling Machines for the Sustainable Processing of Plastic Waste

For 25 years now, NGR has been one of the pioneers inthe field of sustainable plastics recycling. The company develops and  builds customized recycling machines for the sustainable processing of plastic waste

Global Approach, Italien Roots

Subject-matter expertise, competence and innovation are the pillars that have guided the Moretto business for over 40 years in  pursuing a fundamental goal: to satisfy customer requests, to exceed expectations, to be the ideal partner in the supply of  automations for the plastics processing industry

Turnkey Extrusion Line for Encapsulation Film for PV Modules

BREYER’s extrusion system “CellProtect” allows the production of low shrinkage EVA and POE encapsulation film at high  production speed – Another benefit – no energy consuming annealing and no interlayer film makes the production economic  and energy saving

Quality is our Priority

As a market-leading company for adjustable calibration sleeves, CCA cares for the automation of plastic pipeproduction with long-term experience and know-how

The Largest PVC-O Pipe in the World – Molecor at K 2022

Molecor will be present at K 2022 with its latestinnovations. Among them the DN1200 mm PVC-O pipe, the largest in the world and only manufactured by Molecor



Firms in this issue 06
Imprint 07
Industry news 08
Calendar 08
German Plastics and Rubber Machiney Industry Currently Facing Major Challenges After a Good Previous Year 08
NPE2024: The Plastics Show – Planning Team 09
New Carbon Reduced Masterbatch 09
Portfolio of Circular Base Chemicals Introduced 10
Two New License and Engineering Agreements for Confidential Client Signed 10
Distribution Agreement for Brazil Signed 12
Successfully Certified 12
Packaging Made from Post-Consumer Recycled and Biomass Balanced Materials 13
Facilitate the Use of Recycled Plastics 14
New Construction of State-Of-The-Art Test Lab for Plastics Recycling Applications 14
Portfolio with Catalysts and Absorbents for Plastics Recycling Introduced 16
Reclassification of Recyclability of Coextruded Polyethylene/Polyamide Film Structures 16
New Publication Grants Insight Into the Mechanical Recycling of PE/PA Multilayer Films 16
Market Study: Plastic Pipes 17
New Chief Financial Officer 17
Certification Scheme for Plastics Recyclers Published 18
New Flame Retardant Masterbatch Made of Post-Consumer Recycled Polypropylene 18
Used Machinery Trading with a Positive Contribution to the CO2 Balance 19
New Technical Manager 20
Reciprocating Head Introduced 20
New Choices of Gravimetric Feeders 22
Quadruple Extrusion Line for PVC-U Pipes 23
Expanded Line of Compostable Resins for Packaging and Single-Use Applications Launched 24
PPS Delivers Increase Transmittance and Toughness in Laser Welding Applications 24
Circular Economy Packaging 26
New Multi-Purpose TPV with 25% Recycled Content 27
Agreement on the Production and Procurement of Pyrolysis Oil from Mixed Plastic Waste 28
Market Study: Plastics 28
K 2022 30
Official Special Show „Plastics Shape the Future“ Focusses on the Hot Topics Climate  Protection, Circular Economy and Digitalization 30
Plastics Expertise and Innovative PET Recycling for High-Quality Products 30
Successful Extruder Now Also Awailable in Size 45 32
Pulsation-Free Passage Through the PVC Die 32
Cutting-Edge Solutions in Rubber and Plastics Processing 33
A First Glimpse of the Topis, Acitivities and Highlights Provided at K 2022 34
Innovative Series With More Than 12 New Machine Sizes 36
Highlights and Innovations at K 2022 37
Modular Automation Concept 38
New Brand Advances the Circular Economy by Enabling Use of More Recycled Materials in End-Use Applications 39
„Inspire Beyond Measurement“ 40
Innovative Degassing and Decontamination Technologies for Demanding Recycling Applications 42
Measuring Technology: Innovative Technologies for a Sustainable Future 44
Shredding Solutions for Post-Consumer Plastic Recycling 47
Intelligent & Smart Product Solutions for Inspection, Analysis and Classification of Gels & Contaminations 48
Two Innovations for the Circular Economy Live at the Booth 50
Masterbatch and Compound Solutions 51
New Lines for Single and Double Output Pipes Offering Enhanced Performance 52
Less Energy, Less Material and Circularity for the Packaging and Carpet Industries 54
High-Efficiency Technologies for the Processing and Recycling Plastics 55
Technical Solution to One of the Biggest Challenges in the Processing of Recyclate 58
Sustainability Strategies for Packaging Stakeholders 60
New Anti-Fouling Additive for the PP and PE Polymerisation Process 61
Efficient All-In-One Plastics Recycling Solutions 62
Weigh Scale Blenders (WSB) Series Added 63
Leading Plastics Recycling Towards a Circular Economy 64
Plastics Shredding Gets Even Smarter 65
Circularity Through Plastics Additives in the Spotlight 66
Circular Economy and Sustainability 67
Expanded Product Portfolio and Material Supply Capabilities at K 2022 68
Sustainable and Efficient Drive Concepts for the Plastics Industry 68
Recycling – Case Study 70
Recycling Pioneer Establishes Closed Loop for PET Food Packaging 70
Recycling 72
Customized Recycling Machines for the Sustainable Processing of Plastic Waste 72
Recycling – Case Study 74
Company Foundation – With German Machines Into The Recycling Future 74
Material Handling 75
Global Approach, Italien Roots 75
Measuring and Control Technology 76
A Success Story – 50 Years of KÜNDIG CONTROL SYSTEMS 76
Hose Production Heads 78
Smart, Economical, and Sustainable Hose Manufature 78
Film Extrusion 80
Turnkey Extrusion Line for Encapsulation Film for PV Modules 80
Automation 81
Quality is our Priority 81
Processing 82
Compounding of Recycling Plastics Opens Up New Opportunities 82
Pipe Extrusion 84
The Largest PVC-O Pipe in the World – Molecor at K 2022 84
Plasma Technologies – From the Research 86
Recyclable Barrier Systems for Sustainable Packaging 86
Recycling 88
Closing the Plastic Cycle 88
Pelletizing 90
Energy-Saving Solution for Pelletizing of rPET/PET 90

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