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New Issue
Trade Shows
06. May - 10. May 2024
NPE, Orlando, USA

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International 4-2019

The issue's advertisers:

Mobile and high-precision wall thickness measurement

Stefan Depmer, Head of Technologies and Operations with the company WKT still remembers former days when reliable and effi cient wall thickness measurement was carried out by ultrasonic devices. WARP portable – the iNOEX handheld system based on Terahertz technology offers high-precision wall thickness measurement.

PVC-O Pipes and Fittings

The environmental impact of a piping system depends on its composition and application thereof. The factors determining the efficiency over the entire life cycle of a pipe are mainly: the type of raw material used, the production process, the product finish and its useful life.

New Line Concept for Single-Origin Packaging Solutions

Brückner Maschinenbau is working on a means to make films with the highest possible recycling capabilities producible on film stretching lines. For the K 2019 Brückner will introduce two completely new line concepts for the production of BOPE films.

New Colors & Effects® Pigments meet Emerging Industry Requirements

BASF will present innovation highlights from its broad range of Colors & Effects® pigments for plastic applications at the K trade fair. The new product launches include two new Lumina® Royal effect pigments, Microlen® Piano Black, and a black and red addition to the Sicopal® product line.

Brand New Solutions to Meet Customer Needs

DuPont regularly launches brand new advanced material solutions based on the needs of customers and gaps in the industry. This commitment to customers is a major driver for the company, enabling it to continuously develop and introduce a steady stream of new cutting-edge technologies to the polymer market.

New Innovations require New Technologies

At the K trade fair, the latest innovations are presented, and new technologies meet users. This is where Schoenenberger feels at home. Displayed at the K is the so called “KRONOS” – a tungsten carbidetipped, cutting rotor in a very robust design, which is used for highly filled and very abrasive polymers.



Firms in this issue 06
Imprint 07
Industry news 08
Calendar 08
“Engineer of the Year 2019” 08
8th Biocomposites Conference Cologne 11
Flexible Polyethylene Recycling in Europe 11
Plastpol 2019 – A Huge Success 12
Language Support added to Customer Support Portal 12
“Think Together” 13
New Representative in West Africa 14
Market Study: Polypropylene 14
Commercial-Scale Production of Bio-Based Plastic from Renewable Materials announced 15
Increased Cooperation for Better Plastics Recycling 16
New F-Series Gear Pump 16
FDA Approval for Food Contact Applications obtained 17
‘ColorDirection 2020’ 18
Craig Richardson joins Aftermarket Team 18
Cooperation 19
Acquisition 20
All-in-one Service for Recyclable Packaging 20
New eBook 21
Fakuma 2020: Digitalisation, Networking and Sustainability 22
First Lightweight, Eye-Catching PET Bottles for Pasteurized Beer in Brazil 22
Investment in Control System 23
Measuring Technology – Case Study 24
Mobile and high-precision wall thickness measurement 24
Circular Economy – Interview 26
“Closed loops can solve the littering problem” 26
Circular Economy – Interview 28
“Packagings are high-tech, lightweight products” 28
Recycling – From the Research 30
EU project “Circular Plastics Network for Training” 30
Film Extrusion 31
New, Recyclable Packaging Film for Fresh and Processed Food 31
Pipe Extrusion 32
New Haul-Off for Extrusion Lines of Large Dimension and Thickness HDPE Pipes 32
Measurement Technology 33
Combination of Light Table and Automatic Sample Testing for Offline Inspection and Analysis 33
Raw Materials – Interview 36
Brand New Solutions to Meet Customer Needs 36
Measurement and Control Instrumentation 38
Committed to Film Quality 38
Extrusion Technology 39
Cooperation 39
Pipe Extrusion 40
PVC-O Pipes and Fittings 40
Additives, Light and Heat Stabilizer 43
Novel Tinuvin® NOR® Light and Heat Stabilizer for High end Agricultural Plastics 43
K 2019 Düsseldorf 44
New Technologies as Drivers of Innovation for a Productive and Responsible Today, Tomorrow and Future 44
New Colors & Effects® Pigments meet Emerging Industry Requirements 45
STARextruder covers Broad Range of PET Processing Requirements 46
New Recycling Technology and Improved Recyclate 47
New Line Concept for Single-Origin Packaging Solutions 48
‘Symphony of Collaboration’ 50
Pioneering Plastics 51
HYTAC® Syntactic Foam Plug-Assist Materials will be on Display 52
Systems Expertise enhanced 53
Efficiency and Quality in Plastic Recycling 54
“Brückner ONE”: New and Unique Digital Services for Film Production 56
Sustainable Solutions for Plastics Production 57
Numerous Premieres at the Booth 58
3D-Blow molding machine and Multi-layer technology at the K 60
Pipe, Tube and Hose always Measured Fast and Precisely 61
New X-Ray Pellet Scanner 62
New Innovations require New Technologies 63
New Rotary Filtration System SFneos, Second Generation Multiple Screw Extruder MRS and More 64
Innovative and Future-oriented Machine Design 66

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