Extrusion International 2-2021

Firms in this issue 6
Imprint 7
Industry News 8
Calendar 8
K 2022 – Registration Documents Available 8
Change in Management 8
Fakuma 2021 – Future Issues 9
Renewable Materials Conference 2021 9
Global Gate Portfolio for Plastics and Rubber Expanded 10
Positive Dynamics 10
Distribution in Spain taken over 10
New Assembly Line for Roller Chain Systems 11
Cooperation Intensified 12
Plastics Market Turbulence 12
New Partner to Support Future Growth Announced 13
Acquisition 13
50 Million Euros a Year for Recycling 14
Cooperation 15
Changes to the Management Board 15
New Subsidiary in Poland 16
Distributor in Italy Appointed 16
Modular Ozone Converter Catalytic Air Purifier Launched 16
Distinguishing PA6 from PA66 at the Push of a Button 17
New-Generation Water-Ring Pelletizer 18
Joint Venture 18
Vice President – Aftermarket Sales – Promoted 19
New 800 Series Hybrid Extrusion Tooling Announced 20
Independent Authority Certifies blueloop Laminate Tubes 20
Fresh Milk in Clear PCR/PET Bottles is a First in Argentina 21
DURACON® POM PM Series with New High-Flow Grade for Medical and Healthcare Industry Expanded 22
Pellet Line Expansion 22
Less Plastic for More Sustainable Packaging 24
A Turning Point in the Packaging World 24
New Head of Technical Center 25
New Extrusion Head Features NO Hardware, for Easy Cleaning, plus Quick-Change Tooling 26
Compounds for Pearlized BoPP Films 26
New Design for Large Melt 27
Board Strengthened 27
Pipe Extrusion – Case Study 28
Successful Large-Diameter Pipe Installation in Mexico 28
Recycling 29
The Field of PET Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling further improved 29
Pipe Extrusion 30
Cut pipes, Cut costs – Go Green 30
Control Systems 31
Perfection in the Detection of Impurities in Liquids 31
Extrusion Blow Molding 32
Circular Economy and Sustainable Packaging 32
Pipe Extrusion 34
Replacement and Repair of Pipes of Different Materials by PVC-O 34
Drive Technology 36
Saving Energy with Networked Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) 36
Compounding – Case Study 39
Blown Film Manufacturer in Benin Expands Biocompound Capacity 39
Concurrent Events Unveiled 40
Promotion of Total Solutions 42
Complete Underwater Pelletizing System Improves Productivity, Pellet Quality, and Economy 44
Think Big, Think Smart – Extra-Wide CPP-Lines for Maximum Cost-Efficiency at High Volumes 45
Innovative Measuring, Control, Inspection, Analysis and Sorting Systems 46
Leading Technologies on Display at Chinaplas 2021 47
Presentation of the Full Range of Products and Services 48
Technologies for Cement Packaging and Plastics Recycling 50