Extrusion International 2-2021

46 Extrusion International 2/2021 CHINAPLAS 2021 For online inspection and sorting of plastic material, SIKORA showcases the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED. CENTERWAVE 6000 and its precision lead to the highest quality of the fi- nal product as well as cost savings and optimal efficiency.“ explains Wanbin Chen, President of SIKORA China, and adds, “We look forward to joining this year’s Chinaplas and to meeting our customers at the trade- show.” The X-RAY 6000 PRO is a further highlight at the SIKORA booth. It measures the wall thickness, eccen- tricity, the inner and outer diameter and the ovality of hoses and tubes. Hereby, the thickness of up to three different material layers is measured. SIKORA’s presentation in Shenzhen is completed by reliable diameter mea- suring systems of the LASER Series 2000 as well as LASER Series 6000, which in addition also offer a lump detection. SIKORA AG Bruchweide 2, 28307 Bremen, Germany www.sikora.net The system uniquely combines an X- ray with up to three optical cameras. Therefore, metal inclusions with a size down to 50 μ m in the raw ma- terial can be detected. Furthermore, black specks and burns on the pellet’s surface are detected by the optical cameras. Faulty pellets are separated immediately after detection via com- pressed air. The integrated software provides the operator with a statisti- cal evaluation including information about the size, area and number of the detected contaminants during production. For a 100 % quality control during the extrusion of pipes, SIKORA exhib- its the CENTERWAVE 6000, a system based on millimeter wave technol- ogy. The device precisely measures the diameter, ovality, wall thickness, the inner profile as well as the sag- ging of the pipe. The measuring prin- ciple does not require any coupling media or calibration and is not influ- enced by temperature or the plastic material. “The easy operation of the Meet SIKORA at Chinaplas 2021 (booth 10 G05) At Chinaplas 2021, fromApril 13 to 16, 2021, in Shenzhen, SIKORAwill present its innovative measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting systems. At the SIKORA booth, visitors can expect a comprehensive portfolio of devices for quality control, process optimization and cost savings in the pipe, hose and tube as well as plastics industries Innovative Measuring, Control, Inspection, Analysis and Sorting Systems The PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED detects metallic contamination inside the pellet as well as black specks and burns on the pellet’s surface The CENTERWAVE 6000 for online pipe dimensionmeasurement in extrusion lines will be presented at Chinaplas