Extrusion International 2-2021

18 Extrusion International 2/2021 INDUSTRY NEWS Nordson Polymer Processing Systems www.nordsonpolymerprocessing.com „ A new-generation water-ring pelletizer (WRP) from Nordson Corporation provides uniform polymer flow, effi- cient heating, quick die plate change, and low dryer noise, enabling compounders and recyclers to increase productiv- ity and enhance pellet quality. While Nordson’s portfolio of WRP systems has a long his- tory, the new BKG ® WRP 1000 pelletizer represents an advance over previous WRPs and includes improvements adapted from the company’s widely used BKG underwater pelletizers (UWPs). As with other WRPs, the new system provides substantial advantages over strand pelletizers in that it is more compact, generates less dust, is not affected by strand breaks, is more capable of automation, and yields pellets of more uniform shapes and sizes. In the WRP process, pellets are dry as they are cut from the polymer melt at the die plate, then are flung into a ring of circulating water, where they undergo initial cooling. Fur- ther cooling takes place in a chute that transports the pel- lets to the dryer. Prior to drying, a major part of the water and any agglomerates are removed. Key benefits provided by the new BKG WRP 1000 system include: • Rapid die plate change. The die plate has a split design, with separate heating flange and easily exchangeable in- sert. The design makes possible rapid color changes and easy cleaning. • Efficient die plate heating. The die plate is heated elec- trically with heating cartridges and is designed for uniform polymer flow in the die plate holes. • Efficient and low-noise pellet drying. The centrifugal dry- ing system is adapted from the well-known pellet dryer used for BKG UWPs and guarantees low moisture levels of the pellets. Noise does not exceed 85 dB, and the dryer is easy to maintain and to clean with good access through the two large doors. • Automated process control option. Besides a pre-wired version without control system for system-integrators, a stand-alone PLC-based system is available for an easy, inde- pendent operation and an easy upgrade of existing lines. New-Generation Water-Ring Pelletizer „ Clariant and India Glycols Limited (IGL), a leading company in the manufacturing of green technology-based chemicals, announced a strategic partnership to establish a 51 to 49% joint venture in renewable ethylene oxide (EO) derivatives. By combining production and distribution capacity, the joint venture is expected to become a leading supplier of renewable materials to the rapidly growing consumer care market in India and neighboring countries, while providing Clariant the ability to leverage the EO derivatives globally across the home care, personal care and industrial applica- tions segments of its Industrial and Consumer Specialties business. Under the terms of the proposed agreement, India Glycols will contribute its renewable Bio-EO Derivative business to the joint venture, which includes a multipurpose production Joint Venture Clariant www.clariant.com facility including an alkoxylation plant located in Kashipur, Ut- tarakhand (India). In return, Clariant will contribute its local Industrial and Con- sumer Specialties business in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, held by Clariant India Ltd., as well as a net cash payment to attain a 51% stake and thus majority ownership. Clariant International Ltd. will be the sole Clariant shareholder in the JV. The joint venture will market Clariant’s entire range of Indus- trial and Consumer Specialties products in the previously men- tioned countries, while all other global markets shall be served by Clariant. To support production, India Glycols has agreed to a long-term supply agreement for ethylene oxide made from bio-ethanol as well as further utilities. At its inception, the joint venture will have approximately 200 employees. BKG ® WRP1000Water RingPelletizer