Extrusion International 2-2021

11 Extrusion International 2/2021 „ The Brückner Group, together with their daughter com- pany Brückner Maschinenbau, operates the world’s largest component assembly plant for biaxially oriented film produc- tion lines at its Topo ľč any site in Slovakia. A new assembly line for roller chain systems has now been commissioned there. During the stretching of plastic films, these special systems transport the film web through an oven-like device and stretch it by a factor of up to 10. In the process, enor- mous stretching forces have to be absorbed, especially in the case of polyester films (BOPET), which are transmitted by so- called clips. The roller chain systems are therefore of decisive importance in the more than 150 m long lines. The new assembly line enables the production of over 10,000 clips per month, a capacity increase of a good 30%. Auto- mation solutions and quality assurance tools specially de- veloped for assembly processes of this kind are responsible for the high throughput combined with high quality: Poka- Yoke measures in components and assembly fixtures; Force- displacement monitoring in joining processes; Torque and New Assembly Line for Roller Chain Systems Brückner Gruppe www.brueckner.com rotation angle monitoring; Positioning of components by means of robots with optical systems; Completeness and di- mensional checks with optical measuring systems; Automatic recording of process data with statistical evaluation. Brückner’s Slovakia – assembly plant for biaxially oriented fi lm production lines