Extrusion International 2-2021

30 Extrusion International 2/2021 PIPE EXTRUSION One example is the patented solu- tion to cut and chamfer PVC pipes without removing material. After years of research, Sica is now promot- ing a saw that warms up a portion of the pipe, cut it with a parting knife and then creates a bevel by shaping the heated portion instead of using a chamfer tool that removes material, which creates dust and/or chips. It’s a big innovation that allows a noiseless cut and avoids the expensive need for recycling material, cleaning the envi- ronment around the saw, and also pipes. Each cutting movement is elec- tric, therefore silent, precise and ex- tremely repetitive. In particular, for themovement of the cutting arm, the machine has been equipped with an innovative extremely compact servo- actuator which integrates the motor and gear unit, and which guarantees superior thrust force even at high speeds, impact resistance, complete absence of vibrations and high ef- ficiency – all translate into superior final quality of the cutting process. This is clear from the pictures of the cut of a 3-layer pipe (PPR-FG-PPR); the old cut is made with a classic hy- draulic system, while the new one with a specific electric cutting action developed by Sica and now possible with this innovative saw. Avoiding environment pollution and reducing costs, is what we should all pursue to give our world a hand if it is to be preserved for the well-being of future generations. SICA S.p.A. www.sica-italy.com Cut pipes, Cut costs – Go Green Sica contributes to a sustainable world with its “greenmachines”. In fact, its investments in research and development are geared tomachines that reduce process costs, reduce energy and material consumption and avoid plastic dust and chips recycling, assuring a clean and safe environment. How did Sica do it? downstream. In fact, with traditional saws, even when there is an excellent vacuuming system for dust and chips, it cannot completely avoid chips de- positing on the saw mechanism or on the cut pipe. Therefore, pipes will always carry part of the scrap mate- rial with them on their way towards the belling machine or the end of the line. Another interesting innovation in the field of cutting swarfless pipes is the patent pending electric saw for HDPE, PP-R, multilayer and PVDF New Old