Extrusion International 2-2021

25 Extrusion International 2/2021 Varinia Ruano (Photo: W. MÜLLER GmbH) New Head of Technical Center „ Varinia Ruano took over the position of Head of the Tech- nical Center at W. MÜLLER GmbH, a specialist in extrusion blow molding, at the beginning of the year. The engineer wants above all to develop and establish sustainable tech- nologies and digital processes. Ruano joined the company in 2018 and initially worked as an employee at the technical center. She sees the most important topics for the coming months as the digitalization of the development processes the in- creased use of recyclates and ways to save material without compromising on the properties and quality of the manu- factured products. Managing Director Brigitte Müller commented: “W. MÜL- LER has traditionally defined itself through its innovative strength in the areas of extrusion and blow molding. With Ms. Ruano, a person now leads our development team, who will align our work even more closely with the current issues of our time. In doing so, we will provide answers to the pressing questions surrounding the circular economy, in particular looking for solutions to minimize the ecological footprint of blow-shaped packaging and its manufacturing process.” W. MÜLLER GmbH www.w-mueller-gmbh.de