Extrusion International 2-2021

44 Extrusion International 2/2021 CHINAPLAS 2021 While BKG underwater pelletizers (UWPs) are used for a wide range of olefin and styrene polymers, producers of ABS and SAN materials have traditionally used strand pel- letizers. In comparison, UWPs yield enhanced pellet quali- ty, are more compact, generate less dust, are not affected by strand breaks, and are more capable of automation. In addition, Nordson supplies key ancillary systems designed for high-volume pelletizing lines with minimal downtime. These include BKG BlueFlow™ melt pumps, which pro- vide uniform melt pressure at levels required for efficient pelletizing; and BKG LK-SWE dual-piston melt filtration systems, which maintain continuous production during screen changes. The BKG Optigon process water filtration system removes dirt and fine particles from the water used in underwater pelletizing while reducing overall energy consumption by 10 to 17%. “Demand for ABS and SAN is nowgrowingmost rapidly in China, where the toughness and surface aesthetics of ABS are needed in the surging market for durable consumer goods and automotive components, while SAN provides strength and optical properties valued in consumer elec- tronics,” said Aaron Kong, sales director of pelletized systems for Greater China. “We have supplied our BKG pelletizing systems to resin manufacturers in China and neighboring countries, and we support these custom- ers from the Asian headquarters of Nordson’s Polymer Processing Systems division in Shanghai. Our pelletizing laboratory here is available for product demonstrations and customer trials.” Substantial Energy Savings in Underwater Pelletizing The Optigon water filtration system eliminates need for a separate fines-removal sieve, which in standard systems requires a secondary, dedicated water pump. Instead, all filtration is provided by a drum filter, whose 70-micron screens are finer than the 150-micron screens used in stan- dard systems. Driven by a small motor, the drum rotates within the water that is circulated throughout the pellet- izing system by the main process water pump. The filtra- tion system is designed so that dirt and fines stay confined inside the drum until they are evacuated into a collecting basin outside the tank. By eliminating the secondary pump, the Optigon water filtration system uses only 1,440 kW per year (measured at 8,000 hours), as against 44,000 kW and 98,480 kW for the company’s Opti-Line™ and Poly-Line™ systems, re- spectively. Since water filtration typically accounts for 10 to 17% of the energy consumption in underwater pellet- izing, the energy efficiency of the Optigon system means that overall consumption is cut by nearly that much. Nordson Corporation www.nordson.com Nordson Polymer Processing Systems www.nordsonpolymerprocessing.com Complete Underwater Pelletizing System Improves Productivity, Pellet Quality, and Economy BKG ® pelletizing andmelt delivery equipment fromNordson Corporation are emerging as more advanced alternatives for meeting the strong demand in China for ABS and SAN resins. The company will highlight this equipment at Chinaplas 2021, with a special focus on the Optigon™process water filtration system, which dramatically reduces energy use in underwater pelletizing (Hall 10, Booth 21) Optigon™Process Water Filtration System