Extrusion International 2-2021

14 Extrusion International 2/2021 INDUSTRY NEWS Gabriel-Chemie Gesellschaft m.b.H. www.gabriel-chemie.com „ Just in time for the start of the new year, Gabriel-Chemie presents the 21st edition of the successful COLOUR VISION colour and trend series. In the world of plastics, the Colour Vi- sion collection is considered as a source of inspiration for prod- uct and colour concepts for brand manufacturers, consumer goods and industrial designers as well as plastic processors. Every year experienced trend scouts and innovative colourists actively work on the trends of tomorrow in order to be able to create a new COLOUR VISION collection. This year’s Colour Vision collection is characterised by a mul- titude of optical and haptical special effects in a combination of marbling and laser marking as well as unique effect and natural colours. In uncertain times like these, the “Re-wake your senses” and “Re-kindle your spirit” themes are meant to reflect a new start and give people courage and confidence for the future. With the “Re-wake your senses” series, Gabriel-Chemie dem- onstrates the enhancement of plastic surfaces through hap- tic effects via its unique laser marking. Customisable, safe COLOUR VISION N°21 and sustainable – easy to implement at the touch of a button on the computer. With „Re-kindle your spirit“, Gabri- el-Chemie high- lights the positive changes and em- braces this new life- style throughmodern effect colours that vi- sualise sustainable metal- lisation in plastic. New innovation topics are worked out an- nually through the analysis of new colour trends from different industrial sectors and the consideration of social influences in the market. These issues are visualised using lens plates. „ In 2018, the packaging and recycling specialist the ALPLA Group signed the Global Commitment of the New Plastics Economy (an initiative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation) and committed to spending a total of 50 million euros to ex- pand its recycling activities up to 2025. ALPLA is now signifi- cantly increasing this investment target. From 2021, an aver- age of 50 million euros a year will be ring-fenced specifically for recycling. “We have been very active in the past two years. We succeed- ed in initiating bottle-to-bottle projects around the world, in- cluding in Asia, Europe and Central America. We nevertheless continue to see increasing demand on the part of our custom- ers all over the world,” explains Georg Lässer, Head of Corpo- rate Recycling at ALPLA. This sustained demand gives ALPLA the opportunity to kick-start further investment projects, says Lässer. Günther Lehner, Chairman of the Company Advisory 50 Million Euros a Year for Recycling Board, stresses that the company will focus on high-quality ap- plication areas in new regions: “Our aim is to establish a bot- tle-to-bottle cycle – including in regions in which the recycling of waste does not currently play a large part.” Its move into HDPE recycling in 2019 represents another mile- stone for ALPLA. This is being continued with the construction of a plant in Toluca, Mexico, which is scheduled to go into pro- duction in autumn 2021. The company is also currently creat- ing a PET and HDPE recycling plant in Thailand together with a cooperation partner. Capacities at the existing plants in Aus- tria, Poland and Germany have been expanded over the past two years and just recently, ALPLA announced the installation of an rPET extrusion system at one of its own preform plants in Italy. In all, the annual capacity of the ALPLA recycling com- panies, joint ventures and partnerships amounts to approxi- mately 130,000 tonnes of PET and 60,000 tonnes of PE. ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG www.alpla.com (©Gabriel-Chemie) The ALPLA Group will invest an average of 50 million euros a year up to 2025 on expanding and globalising its recycling activities (Copyright: ALPLA)