Extrusion International USA 3-2021

Firms in this issue 6
Industry News USA 24
Imprint 7
Cooperation 24
Industry News 8
LFT-D Line with 2,500-Tonne Press Ordered 24
Calendar 8
Material Tests on Shredder-Extruder Machines – Service Offering for Customers in North America Expanded 25
Wide Selection of Courses in English 8
Director of International Sales for Extrusion Systems Promoted 25
Next-Generation Case Packer with Collaborative Robot Automation System Launched 26
K-MAG – 365 Days of Community News 9
Signifi cant Addditives Expansion in the U.S. 26
CHINAPLAS 2021 Concluded with a Huge Success 9
Vice President of North America Operations Named 27
First „AdEx Home“ Webinar 10
Vice President and General Manager of Latin America Named 27
Representation in Middle East and North Africa 11
Statement on Canadian Government’s „Toxic“ Label Released 27
New Date for ICE Europe 12
Automatically Hopper Device Enables to Accurately Dosing 28
Italien Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery Manufacturers – After the Drop in Revenues in 2020 Orders Again Growing 12
Mourning The Loss Of One Of Their Own 28
Business in Asia Expanded 13
New Flame Retardant Wire and Cable Jacketing Compounds Receive „Halogen-Free“ Assessements 29
Acquisition 13
Acquisition 14
Tackifier Capacity Expansion in India Announded 29
Digital Watermark Initiative „HolyGrail 2.0“ joined 14
Collaborative Project in Sweden intensifi ed 23
New Machine Design has won the Good Design® Award 15
New Vacuum Technology Optimises the Production of High-Performance Oriented Films 23
New E-Book – The Circular Economy 15
Capacity Expansion 22
Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling Capacity doubled 16
New 500 Series Rubber/Silicone Extrusion Crosshead 22
New CEO 16
Portfolio expanded 21
New CFO 17
Liaison Office in Turkey 21
Multi-Purpose Co-Extruders – Now also for Sheet Production 17
Next-Generation Space-Saving Scanning Measurement System for Narrow Web Processes 21
Leaving the Board after more than 45 Years 18
Joining the Circular Plastics Alliance 20
Personnel Expansion for Sales Team 18
Joint Venture in India Established 20
Management Board Expanded 19
New BOPE Additives for Agile and Eiffi cient Response to New Market Trends 19
Compounding 30
Increase in Turnover on the European Market 30
Recycling – Case Study 31
PET Bottle to Bottle Recycling – Major Efficiency Improvements by Retrofitting Melt Filtration System 31
Recycling – Case Study 32
Cleaning Up Coasts at the Edge of the World 32
Recycling 34
Reduced Odour – An Indispensable Quality Criterion in Post-Consumer Plastics Recycling 34
Control Systems 36
Service Portfolio expanded – Control Solutions for Complete Recycling Plants 36
Recycling 37
The Best Recycled Pellets for Irrigation Pipes 37
Recycling, Circular Economy – From Research 38
Today’s Waste Becomes Tomorrow’s Resource – „Waste4Future“ Paves New Ways for Plastics Recycling 38
Recycling 40
2 Million Tons of Installed Recycling Capacity Worldwide Celebrated 40
Film Technology 41
Dual Frame System Boosts Efficiency 41
Pipe Extrusion 42
Strongly Positioned with Optimal Machine Technology for the Growth Market of PVC-O Pipes 42
Film Extrusion 44
Desire for Hygiene and Food Safety Increases Worldwide Demand for Flexible Packaging Films 44
Measuring Technology – Case Study 46
Fast and Reproducible Sample Inspection of Plastic Pellets 46
Pelletizing 48
Melt Pump Technology for Production of Bioplastic PLA 48
Extrusion Technologies 49
Extrusion Lines for Pipes Renewed 49
Pipe Extrusion 50
Shape your Pipes, Shape your Future and Go Green 50
Extrusion Technologies 51
Physical Foaming to In-House Extruder Test Line Added 51
Extrusion and Recycling Technology 52
New Life for Worn Artifi cial Grass 52
Extrusion Blow Molding 56
PCR in Cosmetic Packaging? It’s all a Question of Technology 56