Extrusion International USA 3-2021

30 Extrusion International 3/2021 COMPOUNDING Today R&P POLYPLASTIC is among Top-10 leading European compound- ers (based on open sources analysis of Applied Market Information). The com- pany’s productive capacity allows to pro- duce 115 thousand tons of materials per year. R&P POLYPLASTIC specializes in the production of thermoplastic compound materials for processing by pressure, blow and extrusion molding. Over 250 brands address up to 90% of the clients’ needs. Recipes for materials are created in the company’s Research and Development Centre and can be custom made. “R&P POLYPLASTIC develops compounds which have no rivals in Russia and are compatible to the best European ana- logs,” says Mikhail Katsevman, Doctor of Science and Head of R&D at R&P POLY- PLASTIC. “One of our most innovative developments is an electro dispersive compound based on polyamide 6 with addition of graphene nanotubes. This material can be painted on cataphore- sis lines. Another breakthrough is the Armlen PP-10AS-9010 material without migrating antistatic additives providing a constant level of surface resistance. It can be used for interoperable packaging”. Structure of the company includes three production sites with state of the art equipment of internationally recognized manufacturers:BUSS,Berstorff,Coperion, ICMA and Maris. The largest production facility with 14 extruders is organized in Engels, Saratov region. The second pro- duction plant in Togliatti, Samara region has 5 lines. The Moscow experimental- industrial site has 3 lines. The largest industry in the company’s sales pattern is the automotive industry. Materials of R&P POLYPLASTIC are used in production of interior and exterior parts as well as underhood space. The Togliatti site is fully oriented towards the needs of the auto industry, in particular one of company’s largest customers – JSC AvtoVAZ (part of the Renault-Nis- san-Mitsubishi Alliance) and its suppliers. Among the clients of R&P POLYPLASTIC are well-known Russian and interna- tional automanufacturers including GAZ, UAZ, Volkswagen, Hyundai, PSA Group and KAMAZ. Materials for Haval are at the stage of development. Civil construction is another important market for R&P POLYPLASTIC. The com- pany’s brand assortment is used for pro- ductionofplinthsidingof various appear- ance (brick like and etc.) as well as central layers of aluminum composition panels. The third key sphere of application for R&P POLYPLASTIC are producers of household appliances. The company sup- plies raw materials for production of car- cass parts (boxes, dispensers), washing machine drums and other components for domestic appliances. The list of cus- tomers includes LG, Indesit, Candy, B/S/H/, Samsung. “Over the 30 years on the market we became suppliers of leading automanu- facturers, producers of household appli- ances and construction materials. Today we are also focusing on materials for electrical goods. In Russia, CIS and Eu- rope we have over 1000 partners work- ing with materials of R&P POLYPLASTIC. We value their con fi dence in us for the opportunity to develop together,” says Andrey Menshov, Managing Partner of R&P POLYPLASTIC. Constant development and onward progress is the foundation stone of R&P POLYPLASTIC dynamic progression. In 2021, the year of the company’s 30th Birthday, two state of the art twin screw extruders shall be installed at one of the production sites. KraussMaffei Extrusion R&P POLYPLASTIC https://polyplastic-compounds.ru/eng Increase in Turnover on the European Market Russian compounder R&P POLYPLASTIC stated its intention to double sales on the European market in 2021. Based on open sources including Datascope, Market Report and Plastinfo the company today holds 33%of the Russianmarket and increase of export sales to the European Union is a new chapter of development and a crucial strategic goal. Basing on what advantages shall the Russian compounder compete with its European colleagues? will supply the extruders within a previ- ously established contract. A total of 3.3 million Euros were invested into new equipment. Planned capacity of the lines shall exceed 20 thousand tons of fi nished goods per year. At R&P POLYPLASTIC, they are con fi dent that this will allow to increase export sales evenmore. Today the Russian compounder with the help of its extensive distribution network already ships products to Germany, Lith- uania, Check Republic and Turkey. Talks are held with dealers in Slovakia. In April 2021 fi rst 10 tons of compounds were dispatched to Poland via one of the larg- est distributors in Eastern Europe – MOBI Sp. z.o.o. “This is our fi rst experience of cooperationwith a Russian company and we are glad it was successful. R&P POLY- PLASTIC made a good proposal in terms of prices and delivery time. We are truly delighted to represent R&P POLYPLAS- TIC on the Polish market,” noted Tati- ana Moj, Plastics Department Director at MOBI Sp. z o.o. For successful entry to the Europeanmar- kets in 2017 R&P POLYPLASTIC launched the Export Rush program. In comparison with the start of the program shipments to EU increased signi fi cantly: almost six times. Strategic goal of the company is to bring the amount of export sales to 25% of the total sales volume by 2025.