Extrusion International USA 3-2021

16 Extrusion International 3/2021 INDUSTRY NEWS Resilux www.resilux.com EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH www.erema.com The new VACUNITE ® bottle-to-bottle system enables Resilux to signi fi cantly ramp up their production of food grade re- cycled PET. The new investment has been made in response to increased customer demand and the expectation that pro- duction will only increase in the future. Marcel van de Sande, Resilux Group Chief Operating Of fi cer, says: “The new tech- nology puts us in the perfect position to ride the next green wave by using the ‘Power of PET’”. The equipment is to be installed at the company’s Bilten location in Switzerland where the Resilux Group Recycling competence centre is based. The investment reinforces Re- silux’s commitment to making a complete sustainability loop by creating solutions that are best not only for the products they package, but also for the wellbeing of people and the planet. For them it is another demonstration of being ‘safe for the planet’ – and its ability to be both a versatile and sus- tainable packaging solution. VACUNITE ® bottle-to-bottle system(Photocredit: EREMA) „ A leadership change has taken place within Movacolor. Gerhard Dersjant, former CEO Movacolor: “After 13 beauti- ful years as CEO, I have decided to take a step back. It is time for someone else to lead Movacolor into its next stage. I am happy to inform you that Marc Aandeweg has started as the new CEO of Movacolor as of April 1st .” Gerhard Dersjant continues: “Marc Aandeweg has a proven track record as an international marketing and sales leader at various technical companies operating worldwide. In the course of his career he has gained experience in inter- national key account management, product management, corporate marketing & communication and go-to-market strategies for high-tech product portfolios. His know-how and expertise will help Movacolor to continue its growth and development. Having spent time with Marc over the past 4 months, I am con fi dent that Marc is the right person for Movacolor and he will have my full support through the transition” Marc Aandeweg adds: “I am thrilled to join the Movacolor family after 13 years of leadership from Gerhard. I would like to thank him for his major contributions and for laying the foundation for Movacolor as it is today – a global leader in the dosing world. I look forward to working with you and all New CEO the talented people here at Movacolor as together we guide Movacolor into the future”. Gerhard Dersjant will support Marc Aandeweg through this transition in the Movacolor business. In his future role, Ger- hard will remain involved with Movacolor and will become a member of the Movacolor Supervisory Board. Movacolor www.movacolor.com Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling Capacity doubled „ Resilux, a leading PET bottle and preform producer, has announced a major new technology investment which will result in them doubling their bottle-to-bottle PET recycling capacity. Using state of the art equipment from Erema, it is Resilux’s latest step in their drive to create a truly circular economy in PET. MarcAandewegenandGerhardDersjant