Extrusion International USA 3-2021

27 Extrusion International 3/2021 „ The Canadian government continued its push to label plas- tic a “toxic” material, publishing an order-in-council in the Canada Gazette Part II that opens the door for the creation of rules to of fi cially ban certain types of plastic products. Tony Radoszewski, President and CEO of the Plastics Indus- try Association (PLASTICS), warned that false labeling could have devasting effects on cross-border trade, jobs in the U.S. and Canada, and working people depending on plastics for safety, convenience, and affordability: “Our two countries are powerful plastics economies. This development is a sym- bolic gesture to activists and threatens tens of billions of dol- lars of commerce. The idea that plastic is toxic is the true dan- ger. Such a label could have rami fi cations far beyond some single-use items. It could fast-track more bans on other con- sumer products that are fully recyclable. Our main concern Statement on Canadian Government’s “Toxic” Label Released The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) plasticsindustry.org should be improving recycling. Banning a material that has transformed modern medicine in the name of public health is absurd, especially during a pandemic necessitating plas- tic gloves, masks, ventilators, vaccine packaging and more. When we’re so close to real solutions, we shouldn’t pursue policies that reverse course on progress and punish ordinary people.” Radoszewski previously penned an op-ed in The Houston Chronicle about the potential effects of a false “toxic” label for plastics. PLASTICS also joined dozens of industries and their employees to urge the Canadian government to recon- sider its actions. „ Amcor Rigid Packaging has announced the appointment of Dan Murphy as Vice President of North America Operations. He will be responsible for driving ARP’s North American safety agenda, promoting operational excellence, increasing supply chain capability, and expanding the company’s production ca- pacity. Vice President of North America Operations Named “Dan’s leadership will bring a new level of service to our op- erations,” said Eric Roegner, President of Amcor Rigid Pack- aging. “Dan has a proven track record in delivering solid im- provements in safety, productivity, quality, and delivery. He’s a highly successful business leader who brings a unique skill set immersed in operational excellence.” Amcor www.amcor.com Vice President and General Manager of Latin America Named „ Amcor Rigid Packaging has announced the appointment of Rodrigo Lecot as Vice President and General Manager of Latin America. “Rodrigo is a visionary leader who has strong relationships with our largest customers throughout the region,” said Eric Roegner, President of Amcor Rigid Packaging. “He skillfully builds global teams that are culturally diverse and establishes best-in-class business practices to drive revenue growth.” Lecot joined Amcor in 2016 as Regional Vice President in Latin America leading Sales, Marketing, R&D, and Sustain- ability. Under his commercial leadership, Amcor has assisted global and local customers to support market demands, de- velop new products, and advance sustainability agendas. Le- cot also expanded the region’s use of technologies including one-step manufacturing, aseptic fi lling, and EBM. He has a passion for bringing more sustainable packaging solutions to customers and has spearheaded countless glass- to-plastic conversions and increased the use of PCR across the product offering as well as the availability of re fi llable and reusable rPET bottles that continue to gain popularity in the region. RodrigoLecot