Extrusion International USA 3-2021

15 Extrusion International 3/2021 „ “This award is a special honor and symbolic of the positive change at Bekum,” proudly notes Michael Mehnert, Manag- ing Director. The credo of the family-owned company has been uncompro- mising quality for over 60 years to this day. While functional- ity, durability and tradition have always been the focus, design has played a lesser role until now. With the start of Michael Mehnert, son of the company founder, in 2016, Bekum entered a new, more modern era. His mission is to combine innovative technologies and forward thinking ideas with the company’s tradition and to make the generational change and the dawn of a new era visible in all areas of the company through a new corporate identity. The beginning of this journey was marked by the new corporate and machine design, without affecting the well-known qual- New Machine Design has won the Good Design ® Award BekumMaschinenfabriken GmbH www.bekum.com ity and brand recognition. Many new user-friendly features as well as performance-enhancing technological and energy- ef fi cient re fi nements were developed for a newgeneration of machines and presented for the fi rst time at the K 2019 trade fair in Düsseldorf in the “CUT” machine design. “CUT” stands for aesthetics, modern color and shape design. The new design is characterized by aesthetics, modern color and shape as well as even more functionality and improved ergonomics. With intelligently beveled surfaces in combina- tion with large, lightly tinted viewing panels, it underscores the distinctive innovative capability of Bekum blow moulders. The streamlined design style at the detail level enhances the visibility of the machine‘s high quality. The large yellow color insert clearly indicates a Bekumblowmoulder and ensures the distinct high brand recognition. In line with the award-winning machine design, Bekum also decided to completely overhaul the machine control and user interface design. The user-friendliness of the Bekum Control 8.0 with a 24” touchscreen has been improved by reducing the number of switching elements on the control panel and graphically redesigning the user interface. The machine han- dling has also been simpli fi ed by means of intuitive menu navigation. “The new machine design conveys our goal of being the benchmark in blow moulding tech-nology,” concludes Mi- chael Mehnert. Newly designed Concept 808 electric blowmoldingmachine honored with the Good Design Award 2020 (Image sources: Bekum) „ Sesotec recently published a comprehensive e-book on the topic of “Circular Economy” on its website. In it, recy- clers as well as manufacturers and processors of plastics will fi nd insights into the most important factors of the Circular Economy. In particular, the goal of creating a circular econ- New E-Book – The Circular Economy omy, which must be pro fi table not only for people and the environment but also for recyclers, manufacturers and pro- cessors of plastics, comes under consideration. The plastics industry is under pressure. Between climate change, excessive consumption of fi nite resources, and vast amounts of plastic waste in the world’s oceans, plastics are coming to be seen in a different light by politicians, busi- nesses, and consumers alike. The urgency is becoming in- creasingly apparent: it is time to rethink plastics on a global scale. Such an overhaul must include legislation, the devel- opment of new kinds of plastic packaging, and innovative recycling technologies and concepts. The e-book is available for free download at the link: www.sesotec.com/emea/en/resources/blog/new-e-book : -the-circular-economy Sesotec GmbH (Image: Sesotec GmbH)