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Extrusion International 5/2016


their main shredding requirements were. Their answers and

the long-standing experience of our engineers were incor-

porated into the design.

The result: A completely newly developed machine that eco-

nomically shreds everything you can possibly cut.”

BHS added many technology advances insuring excellent

machine uptime. This begins with the sturdy design and

long service life of the individual components and extends

from the simple removal of contaminants through to short

maintenance times and the rapid availability of spare parts.

The technology:

The loose feed material is loaded into the feed hopper,

which BHS-Sonthofen individually adapts to the material

and type of feeding.

A hydraulically driven slide pushes the material along the

base plate and toward the cutting system where granula-

tion takes place. The rotor is equipped with replaceable bla-

des, and the stator has an adjustable counter-blade with a

material specific profile. BHS configures the style, quality

and number of blades to the specific application at hand.

Once the cut material reaches a defined partical size, it falls

through a screen basket downwards and out of the ma-


The size of the discharge material is defined by the

hole size of the screen, it can be between 20 and 100 mm.

The screens are individually replaceable and can be rotated

lowered downwards. In this way, BHS avoids the need for

overhead work when inspecting the machine or replacing

the screen.

As contaminants can never be fully prevented from falling

into the feed material, the base plate is mobile and can be

lowered from the cutting gap, if required. This allows for

fast removal of contaminants. The screen basket can also

be folded away for inspections.

The throughput depends to a large extent on the density

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Cutting Technology

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and toughness of the material as well

as the method of feeding. Interested

parties can request that the company

perform tests in their technology center

at the Sonthofen plant, to determine

the ideal machine configuration.

This gives customers the certainty that

their material will be processed effi-


BHS-Sonthofen supplies the machine in

two versions: The Universal Shredder of

type NGU 0513 with a rotor length of

1300 mm for a throughput of up to 5

t/h as well as type NGU 0517 with a

1700 mm rotor for up to 6.5 t/h – each based on a hole dia-

meter of 30 mm. The motor drives are available up to 132 kW.

The drives are frequency controlled, and the speed of the rotor

is adjustable between 80 and 240 rpm. As a result, the ma-

The new Universal Shredder of type NGU 0513:

The screen basket (purple) can be lowered downwards