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Extrusion International 5/2016


Below on the

left: Many


aroused great

interest and



among the


The forum has not only kept Russian specialists

familiar with advanced solutions in the field of

equipment, technologies, and new materials, but

also provided a unique opportunity for the repre-

sentatives of European companies to get a feel of

the current situation on the Russian market, to

establish useful contacts, and to focus their fo-

reign trade with more precision.

The next, fifth, issue of the conference will be

held on June 13 and 14, 2017 in St. Petersburg.

Once again, the organizers invite all those inter-

ested in the Russian market, including, for sure,

many of our readers. For complete information on

the upcoming and the past events, please go to ,

call us in Germany:

+49 06226 971515 (Martina Lerner), Ukraine:

+38 044 221 4560 (Stanislav Chernenko)

or Russia: +7 499 346 6847.

Kaloyan Iliev (in the middle) of our Austrian sponsor EREMA

at a booth of the trade show that accompanied the conference

Left: Vitaly Spiridonov speaks on Brabender solutions

for plastic converters

Roberto Donatelli

(left) of AMUT (Italy)

talks to a visitor of

the booth

Below: Konrad Ege representing gwk, one of our

sponsors, talks to a customer