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Hall 9, Booth C20

Extrusion International 5/2016


Special model Extruder T Torque –

the unique high-speed machine

The special model high-speed Extruder Type E 30 T combines

the advantages of Type P, however, its output is increased be-

cause of a higher speed and torque. “Especially for the deve-

lopment of screw geometry and feeder for this high-speed

model, an enormous technical competence was required – for

laboratory tasks, the Extruder Type T is unique”, happily say

Kastner und Verstraten. The T series is also available in other

Collin sizes.

Also our P series, driven by an innovative compact gear motor,

whose drive electronics and control are directly integrated in

the base frame, can be used in a wide range of applications:

for R&D or production. Different types of downstream equip-

ment can be connected to the extruder.

Furthermore, depending on the customer requirement, there

is a variety of supplementary equipment as well as features.

Innovation Turret Winder – the flexible all-rounder

Especially in laboratory and pilot operation, an optimal quality

of the film bobbins is becoming increasingly important. On the

one hand, to better predict the characteristics of the films after

winding and on the other hand, to guarantee the processing

with production lines. “Different from classical production

winders, here, versatility and flexibility are required. Different

films or compounds with a different thickness have to be

wound faultlessly.” Latest winding algorithms ensure that dif-

ferent materials with a different thickness, strength and width

can be wound faultlessly. In principle, three modes are availa-

ble: 1. Central winding, 2. Contact winding with adjustable

pressure and 3. Gap winding with adjustable gap (0 – 300

mm). Moreover, features of the innovation turret winder are

the motor-driven lifting of the bobbin by means of the shaft,

the modular design with contact slide and fly cutter as well as

the very compact design.

E Entrance series Extruder – the economic entry-level machine

The E Entrance series extruder is the basic version for first steps

into extrusion. Designed for laboratory operation and tests in

R&D, these compact lines are an alternative to the Collin P Pro-

fessional series extruder. The E Extruder is mounted on a mo-

vable electrical cabinet, which contains the power electrics,

connections and the main switch. Therefore, the Collin extru-

ders are very compact and functional. Furthermore, Collin

scores with several size versions. According to the modularity

principle, the Entrance extruders can be integrated into diffe-

rent Collin lines.

Innovation Multi-Inspection –

the comprehensive online- quality control

“The innovation multi-inspection of our product line Polytest

Line is used for the analysis of recycled plastics material but

also of the processing of virgin materials, compounds or ma-

sterbatches. Our aim was to develop and manufacture a com-

pact, robust and cost-efficient online-measuring device. The

modular design of the measuring system allows the adaptation

of the measuring method to the corresponding requirements

of our customers”, explains Kastner.

In principle, the Collin multi-inspection system contains three

main modules – a rheological melt characterization, an optical

film inspection and a mechanical film control:

· Real-time monitoring of the melt viscosity in the form of the

MVR, iV-value or the apparent viscosity.

· Statistical error detection (gels, blackspots, …) in the film

· Color monitoring in the film by CIE L*a*b system

· Detection of external polymers by NIR analysis

· Determination of stress-strain values in a film tensile test

Via an upstream melt pump, the multi-inspection system is

provided with a constant melt flow and the pressure required

for the rheological characterization is built up. The compact

design and the options to use the multi-inspection online and

directly at the extruder or offline in the laboratory also con-

vince. The modular design of the multi-inspection unit allows

an individual configuration of the line, however, for the cus-

tomer there are still many upgrading possibilities.

Highlight 5-layer Coextrusion Blown Film Line –

the compact multi-layer line

At the K, Collin also presents a 5-layer blown film line, which,

due to its compact design, finds its place in the smallest spa-

ces. The very low material consumption is accompanied by a

high degree of information – from the screening of different

materials, testing masterbatches, blow-up ratio, color exami-

nation, multi-layer films to further defects in the film.

The advantage of the blown film line is that the cooling ring

and the blown film die can easily be dismounted and further-

more, the 5-layer blown film die can easily be cleaned. In a

modular way, the Collin line can quickly be retrofitted to a

mono or 3-layer line or upgraded to up to 13 layers.

New Medical Line Extruder E 12 –

the ideal and small processing machine

With the extruder E 12 x 25 D, Collin also represents a new de-

velopment in the product category Medical Line. “We present

a small line with the new extruder, a strand die 1 x 2 mm, a

water bath, a medical belt take-off and a strand pelletizer. The

advantage of the Medical Line E Extruder is, that our custo-

mers can process smallest batches”, say Kastner and Verstra-


Besides the very good process control, extrusion at very low

temperatures is possible – this is mainly essential for certain

medical additives. The Collin Medical Line lines are characteri-

zed by an extreme accuracy, cGMP/FDA validated production,

GAMP5 validation and quick cleaning and are

generally custom-made.