Extrusion Asia Edition 1-2021

内容/ Content 4
企业短讯/ Branche Intern 6
CHINAPLAS CHINAPLAS 攜橡塑行業開拓變革中的新商機 CHINAPLAS 2021 – Igniting New Momentum during Challenging Times 36
片材和薄膜挤出: 成功挤出透明片材需要多功能设备 Sheet and Film Extrusion: Successful Extrusion of Clear Sheet Needs a Multi Tool 16
回收利用: 投资于奥地利回收技术 Recycling: Investment in Austrian Recycling Technology 18
回收:纤维和单丝: 高堆积密度,高回收效率 Recycling, Fibers and Filaments: High Bulk Density for High Recycling Rates 21
循环利用 : 可靠、无故障的熔体过滤,是塑料加工中回收 经济使用的决定性因素 Recycling: Reliable, Trouble-Free Melt Filtration as a Decisive Factor for the Economical Use of Reclaim in Plastics Processing 24
管材挤出: 环保型管材切割设备降低了生产成本 Pipe Extrusion: Cut pipes, Cut costs – Go Green 25
测量技术: 最大程度缩小体积–新型紧凑型且价格合理的 系统 Measuring Technology: Reduced to the Max –New Compact, Affordably-Priced Systems 27
包装用挤出机: 奥地利发明成为中国水泥包装国家标准 Extrusion for Packaging: Austrian Invention Becomes National Standard for Cement Packaging in China 30
可持续性塑料加工 – 案例研究 : 贝宁吹膜制造商扩大生物复合物产能 Sustainable Compounding – Case Study: Blown Film Manufacturer in Benin Expands Biocompound Capacity 32
薄膜挤出: 开拓视野,睿智思考 – 超宽CPP薄膜生产线, 实现大批量生产的成本效益最大化 Film Extrusion: Think Big, Think Smart – Extra-Wide CPP-Lines for Maximum Cost-Efficiency at High Volumes 34
Davis-Standard : 推广整体解决方案 Promotion of Total Solutions 38
挤出工具 : “BULLET II”挤压头 Guill推出往复式挤出模头 Extrusion Tooling: “THE BULLET II” Extrusion Head Reciprocating Head Introduced 14
EREMA : 提供全方位产品和服务 Presentation of the Full Range of Products and Services 40
Sikora : 创新型测量、控制、检测、分析与分拣系统 Innovative Measuring, Control, Inspection, Analysis and Sorting Systems 42
Maag : 马格集团的领先技术将在2021国际橡塑展展出 Leading Technologies on Display at Chinaplas 2021 44
Piovan : 技术创新:领先的物料处理系统 Leading Innovations for Material Handling 46
Mahlo : 为塑料生产提供质量保证 Garant for Quality in Plastic Production 48
本期杂志中的公司目录 / 敬请垂询 Firms in this issue / Imprint 50