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Bandera: Extrusion lines for stretch film and silo-stretch

News 24.07.2017

The sales of extrusion lines from Bandera are growing remarkably and on a steady basis throughout the world.

In the first quarter of the year alone, four contracts for the supply of plants for silo-stretch and stretch film production were concluded. These production lines will ship to top manufacturers in Europe and Middle East.

The lines in question allow for five-layer co-extrusion of premium quality 15...250 µm thick stretch and technical film. These plants can process blends containing polyisobutene (PIB), both in pellets and by direct injection into extruders.

An extra feature is the capability of processing rubbers and anti-sticking materials increasing the smoothness of film passage, critical for a proper stretch film production.

The production lines are fit with state-of-the-art winders and a special unit for the disposal of trimmed edges. As any premium equipment from Bandera, these extrusion plants are controlled by an advanced control system.

By the end of September this year, one of the four lines will be on display at The House of Extrusion® (THOE), the R&D center at Bandera headquarters.


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