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Extrusion 7-2019

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Extrusion Russia 2019 Invites Extrusion Experts

Extrusion Russia 2019 Invites Extrusion Experts

News 19.09.2018

Extrusion Russia 2019 conference held in Moscow Expocenter as part of Interplastica 2019 trade show will become the main media platform for the communication of extrusion experts.

Extrusion Russia will pick up the baton from 3R-plast forum, known for over a decade and a half. Preserving continuity but renewing its focus, the conference encourages the polymer community to discuss topical issues of such a thriving sector of the processing industry as plastic extrusion.

In 2019 the technology conference will witness its 17th issue. More than 150 top managers, heads of production and engineers of processing companies are expected to attend the event.

The following issues will be discussed:

* Equipment for various extrusion segments: film, tube, sheet, cable, as well as geosynthetics

* Key components of an extrusion line (filters, melt pumps, degassers, etc.)

* Tooling (dies, heads, calibrators, corrugators), quick change and cleaning solutions

* Peripherals for material preparation, transport and dosing

* Downstream equipment (orientation systems, withdrawal and cutting devices, winders, laminators, markers, packers)

* Automation tools for extrusion lines

* Special material grades, additives and fillers for extrusion

* Compounding and pelletizing of composites and masterbatches

* Special aspects of twin-screw extrusion

* Quality control of raw materials and final product parameters

* Flat-die extrusion, extrusion blow molding, thermoforming

* Extrusion in recycling of industrial and household plastic waste

* Engineering and optimization of extrusion processes.

The event will traditionally be organized by Russian trade magazine Plastiks with the assistance of Messe Duesseldorf Moscow. The renewed conference will have another co-organizer, VM Verlag GmbH, the German publisher of the specialized Extrusion magazine in German, English, Chinese and Russian.

The conference hall will have all the necessary multimedia equipment. Every participant will receive a package of conference materials. After the event one can get audio recordings and speakers' presentations.



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