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ABS-PMMA sheet line under delivery

ABS-PMMA sheet line under delivery

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Union Officine Meccaniche s.p.a. hits a new target producing for an important Italian company IMPA s.p.a. a co-extrusion line equipped with three extruders for rigid optical sheets in ABS and PMMA, width 2600 mm, thickness from 1 to 10 mm.

The upstream equipment consists of three single-screw extruders with continuous screen changers and melt pumps, the extrusion die at separate double duct and the co-extrusion block thanks to which it is possible to stratify with different configurations and number of layers.

The downstream is composed by a vertical calender, width 2600 mm, with the system of quick and safe change of embossing rolls, thus reducing a machine downtime and safety in the workplace. The motorization is floating type with rigid joints on the rolls whole axis, thus ensuring the absence of defects on the precious PMMA sheets. This type of motorization, developed by Union, is today the most effective in these high-tech production processes.

The post-calendering cooling phase is completed by an innovative calibrator at variable geometry. Then the sheet is conveyed to a guillotine cutting device.

All is managed by a complete electrical equipment of the well-known Union Easy Management Software that simplifies the management of the line in all its parts and guarantees continuous repeatability over time of the set recipes.



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