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Innovations and highlights from NGR at NPE2018

News 23.04.2018
LSP realized on P-REACT
LSP (Liquid State Polycondensation) realized on P:REACT (photo: ©NGR)

P:REACT – "Liquid State Polycondensation" reactor on display. At the booth, revolutionary technology for PET-improvement to be displayed at a trade show for the first time in the United States.

Purely Clean. The liquid phase of PET in the P:REACT allows harmful chemicals to be quickly removed while still offering an unmatched level of process stability. The FDA has given approval for 100% food contact to the Liquid State Polycondensation (LSP) recycling process used in the P:REACT.

Lower Production Costs. In sheet manufacturing, the extraordinarily high process stability results in noticeably less process downtime, meaning higher production volume within the same time frame. Another advantage is that users achieve more consistent sheet thickness, saving a considerable amount of material. This process stability can allow the possibility of downgauging without loss of properties, resulting in savings in raw material. Even in very sensitive fiber production processes, output has been taken to a new level due to quality improvements resulting from the increased process stability of the P:REACT. In addition, the LSP-process is possible using 100% post-consumer rPET such as bottle-flakes (no use of virgin material necessary).

 Reduced CO2-Footprint. In addition to pellet manufacturing, the P:REACT is increasingly being used for direct production of sheet, film and fiber, thus combining recycling and manufacturing into "One-Step." By avoiding the additional energy and handling steps of a separate production process, extremely high efficiency can be achieved.

Increased Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) Determined to a Precise Level. Process stability in combination with a special feedback loop allows users to control the exact output IV even with variations in input IV. High IV with high IV consistency creates the highest rPET value possible.

Multi-Inspect – Inline Melt Qualification and Characterization. Production quality is a fundamental demand in plastics production. NGR will display a smart way to meet those quality demands. The new Multi-Inspect combines the critical measurements into one simple device. Viscosity, optical inspection, color, tensile, resin identification, contamination level, etc. are simultaneously measured on-line giving real time results to your recycling process.

NGR Connect gives the user a live digital connection to their recycling process. All relevant operating parameters on the NGR system are recorded and made accessible to the user on any end device (tablet, smartphone etc.). In conjunction with the P:REACT for instance, NGR Connect monitors the decontamination performance. Recipe management directly on the machine makes it possible to classify the raw PET input material and link to P:REACT production data. As a result, users achieve ideal process tracking and optimization to meet their goals.

About the company

NGR, the manufacturer of equipment for recycling of thermoplastics, laboratory and pilot systems, filtration systems, was founded in 1997. The group sales make about EUR 60 millions. With its 250 employees, the company has locations in Austria, Germany, USA, China, and Malaysia.


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