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Erema: Recycling technology highlights at K show

Erema: Recycling technology highlights at K show

News 18.10.2022
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EcoGentle®, a new plasticising technology

The focus of the trade show presentation is on new recycling systems and components to meet a wide range of customer needs and quality specifications. There will be introduced EcoGentle®, a new plasticising technology for company′s PET recycling systems that significantly reduces energy consumption and features impressively gentle treatment of the melt. For particularly challenging post consumer materials such as supermarket packaging films, EREMA is launching its proven INTAREMA® TVEplus® technology in a new DuaFil® Compact configuration. This compact double filtration machine produces double-filtered, ultra-fine quality recycled pellets. Another new machine concept, which is ready for use as a demo unit at the company's test centre in Austria, is presented as PCU TwinScrew. This is the name EREMA has given the direct combination of its patented PreConditioning Unit (PCU) with a twin-screw extruder. EREMA's Powerfil business unit will present the new Laserfilter 406 with a 50 percent larger screen area.

The company has also new software. This features additional digital assistance systems that are now available to machine operators on the BluPort® customer platform. With the PredictOn app, for example, imminent malfunctions can be detected based on continuous measurement and evaluation of machine data so that the cause can be remedied in good time.

Chemical recycling, fibre and textile recycling


EREMA is intensively investigating plastic waste streams for which there is currently no satisfactory recycling solution. CHEMAREMA® is a new series that has been developed for mechanical material processing as part of the chemical recycling process. So this is an extrusion technology that can be adapted to the application requirements for preparing feed material for downstream chemical processes.

By combining proven recycling technologies featuring ultra-fine filtration systems with an additional IV optimiser, EREMA now also offer a solution for turning PET fibre production waste into rPET fibres for higher-value end applications. The rPET can be used 100 percent in the production of ultra-fine fibres of up to 2 dtex. This is the result of development work at EREMA´s newly established Fibre Recycling Centre, where customers can test their own fibre material.


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