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Extrusion 3-2023


Extrusion 3-2023

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Extrusion technology for PS foam profiles

Extrusion technology for PS foam profiles

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Extrusion line for PS foam profiles

For an important German player in the interior design sector, Friul Filiere produced a complete line for the extrusion of PS foam profiles.

The system has the following peculiarities:

  • the mix of 4 PS materials plus the foaming agent for a perfect final profile
  • a special gravimetric dosing system equipped with level sensors that mixes the materials according to a preset recipe
  • the O100 30D extruder with a higher capacity for the production of a portfolio of profiles in single or double exit
  • a special electrical panel for total process control including the gravimetric system
  • a special cr200/300b take-off unit designed to reach a maximum speed of 12 m/min

All the machines that compose the line belong to the innovative Futura extrusion line made in Friul Filiere.



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