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Bandera establishes itself as a key supplier in France

News 07.09.2017

Bandera, a top European actor in rigid PET film production for quality thermoforming, has confirmed the trustworthiness and reputation of its unique innovative technology. Two other complete lines have been commissioned in France, and these were developed with particular attention to operator safety. Moreover, the extrusion lines boast full compliance with all the relevant EU and national industry regulations.

The French group with several production facilities across the EU that has bought the three extrusion lines in question from Bandera is known globally for their highest quality standards. As the lines have no dehumidification/crystallization units and are extremely energy-efficient, they will cut down production costs considerably while maintaining top quality of products.

These lines confirm once again the outstanding flexibility of solutions supplied by Bandera: the extrusion lines in question are also capable of processing other materials such as PP, PS or PLA with no change to the equipment needed whatsoever. The process of food-grade film extrusion for subsequent thermoforming is FDA/EFSA-compliant, even when high fractions of post-consumer or in-house recyclates are used.

Dwelling on the extrusion lines acquired from Bandera, they are aimed at food packaging industry and will deliver 150 to 1,500 microns thick rigid PET and barrier films with a web width of 1,450 mm. The lines boast PET throughputs of 1,200 kg per hour and more. They are fitted with multicomponent gravimetric dosing units using loss-in-weight principle.

Twin-screw 52 L/D main extruder is a co-rotating one with dedicated systems for vacuum venting, superfiltration and automatic backflush cleaning. The 35 L/D co-extruder is single-screw, fitted with a dosing unit and a twin-plate screen changer. Flat die with inner deckles completes the extruder part of the lines.

Extruded film web is cooled and polished on a performant horizontal roll stack with haul-off. The roll stack is complete with a performance "dual-face" silicone coating/drying unit. Grinding unit enables inline control and recycling of trimmed edges. The central control system crowns the entire line, providing the means of monitoring process parameters and managing line operation.


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