Extrusion Asia Edition 2-2021

内容/ Content 5
企业短讯/ Branche Intern 6
挤出工具 : 充分利用您的挤出模具 Extrusion Tooling: Getting the Most from Your Extrusion Tooling 26
薄膜挤压: 对卫生和食品安全的强烈需求增加了全 世界对软包装薄膜的需求 Film Extrusion: Desire for Hygiene and Food Safety Increases Worldwide Demand for Flexible Packaging Films 30
回收利用 - 用户报告: PE-内部回收:旋转过滤器使之成为现 实 Recycling – Case Study: PE-Inhouse Recycling –the Rotary Filter Makes it Happen 34
回收再生: 因 LDPE / LLDPE 废薄膜再造粒新工艺 技术而获奖 Recycling: Awarded for New Process Technology in Regranulating LDPE / LLDPE Waste Films 35
塑料测量技术 : 经济实惠且可立即使用 – 新的小型化系 统 Measuring Technology for Plastics: Affordable and Ready to Start in Virtually no Time – New Downsized Systems 38
生物功能化材料——从研究到现实: 联合国已批准采用优质回收材料制成的 中型散货容器和塑料桶 Biofunctionalized Materials – From Research: UN-Approved IBCs and Plastic Drums Made With High Quality Recyclate 40
质量控制: 在线质量控制有效地优化LDPE的生产 工艺 Quality Control: Effective Process Optimisation in the Production of LDPE by Means of Online Quality Control 42
热成型: 经过认证的可堆肥、生物基食品容器 Thermoforming: Certified Compostable, Bio-Based Food Containers 44
回收利用 : 泰国用PET瓶对瓶回收线解决塑料垃圾 问题 Recycling: Plastic Waste Problem in Thailand tackled with PET Bottle-to- Bottle Recycling Line 46
塑料的循环经济: 一次性口罩回收试点项目 Circular Economy for Plastics: Recycling Pilot Project for Single-Use Face-Masks 48
本期杂志中的公司目录 / 敬请垂询 Firms in this issue / Imprint 50