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LyondellBasell advances packaging with new polypropylene grade

News 06.02.2018

LyondellBasell is bringing to market the new Moplen HE745T, a high flow, nucleated polypropylene (PP) homopolymer that has been enhanced to provide improved impact resistance for houseware and packaging applications. According to company's representative, this new grade provides a stiffness and impact performance balance that allows the production of thinner-walled products such as storage containers and media boxes. In these applications, Moplen HE745T will allow manufacturers to consume less material but still meet the challenging requirements for use as transport or storage-resistant, attractive-looking containers for commercial or household uses. In addition, new polypropylene variants such as Moplen HE457T protect the environment and avoid waste by allowing for lower energy requirements in processing and reduced resource consumption.

"Moplen HE745T utilizes our latest catalyst technology and impact enhancement capabilities," said Robert Moran, Business Manager for LyondellBasell Australia. "It is our first of several impact enhanced homopolymers produced at the LyondellBasell Geelong PP plant in Australia offering customers an optimal balance of stiffness and impact performance without the need of blending multiple materials."

The Geelong Plant uses liquid phase technology and LyondellBasell catalysts to produce a wide range of homopolymer polypropylene grades that are marketed across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and India. Typical applications are film, fiber, industrial strapping, caps and closures, rigid and flexible packaging, housewares, flower pots and blow molded products.

LyondellBasell offers a comprehensive PP product portfolio that also includes PP random copolymers with high flowability, transparency and impact resistance as well as PP impact copolymers that offer high impact resistance at sub-zero temperatures. These products address customer needs for very good aesthetics and functionality in applications such as home storage containers, kitchenware and interior decorating products.

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