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The colour explorers at the Interplastica 2018

News 05.12.2017

It's time for Interplastica again, after a favourable year for REPI, multinational producer of liquid colours and additives for plastics, with its own subsidiary in Moscow.

Located at the heart of the exhibition, REPI will meet customers, partners and visitors and showcase the latest developments in liquid solutions for the packaging industry. Liquid colours acting as a barrier to extend the product shelf life, special additives able to protect the content from UV and visible light damage and analysis instruments to help packaging producers put safe and reliable containers on the market, are a few examples.

Its high performance barrier line for long life (UHT and ESL) dairy product applications allow monolayer containers to extend products' shelf life by providing the right protection from external degradation.

Custom made UV additive ranges, formulated to meet customers' requirements enable them to avoid over specified and expensive solutions, resulting in cost efficient packaging and providing exactly the right protection every time.

REPI will also present its Light Meter upgraded version. In the perspective of offering an all-round solution rather than just a product, REPI has been working over the years next to its customers building ties with them as partners. In this scenario, not only is the colour and additive formulation important, but also the availability of accurate dosing and analysis instruments to rely on for measuring the real presence and properties of the colour/additive in the final packaging. This is what the Light Meter is able to offer, and its latest version Light Meter Plus promises to offer the user dramatic advantages in this direction.

The bright white booth will function as a meeting point where its "Colour Explorers" Team will welcome guests, to discuss new projects and perform live demonstrations of instruments and equipment.


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