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New high-impact LEXAN™ EXL filament

News 24.11.2017

SABIC, a prominent chemical company presented one of its latest innovations at Formnext 2017 event earlier this November.

LEXAN EXL AMHI240F filament was developed on the basis of LEXAN™ EXL polycarbonate copolymer technology, featuring low-temperature ductility and high impact performance. The new material is engineered for industrial printers, first of all Stratasys® Fortus® Classic series, to manufacture parts for aerospace, automotive and other industries. The filament is supplied in black; more colors will be available later.

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The new material boasts a high level of toughness, as well as improved ductility in a range between room temperature and -30 °C. It features up to 4 times better notched Izod impact at room temperature, and up to 3 times better at -30 °C, compared to standard material, with exact values depending on print orientation. With a heat deflection temperature of 140 °C it suits better for elevated temperature applications than common acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene filaments and is also fire resistant complying with Underwriters Laboratories' UL94 V-0 flammability standard.

LEXAN EXL AMHI240F filament is just the first in the upcoming range of new materials with high-performance attributes to be presented to the market next year. It will be followed by ULTEM™ polyetherimide and EXTEM™ thermoplastic polyimide based materials designed for higher temperatures.

Formnext visitors had an opportunity to examine several exhibits, demonstrating the new material, as well as to address the company's specialists at SABIC's booth.


SABIC has its central office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with manufacturing plants in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. The company specializes in chemicals, polymers, agri-nutrients as well as metals.

About Formnext

Formnext is an international exhibition and conference dedicated to manufacturing technologies of the next generation, traditionally held in Frankfurt am Main on the annual basis.


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