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EZmaintain innovative CMMS solutions

News 07.11.2017

If you are running a large facility you will probably need a means of remote monitoring to control your equipment parameters and warn you of upcoming troubles. It looks like a good idea to make this means independent from your existing production data network so that in case of a system failure your will have an independent source of critical details.

EZmaintain.com offers inexpensive IoT solutions in the sphere of CMMS (computerized maintenance management software) based on a cloud architecture making it possible to monitor temperature and vibration of various pieces of equipment. IoT sensors will inform of failures or trigger an alert for preventive maintenance.


All the data are transmitted to the cloud server and can be retrieved via internet and finally displayed on virtually any terminal device (PC, smart phone, tablet computer or notebook). A user is enabled to react immediately initiating a work order. The sensors are simple to mount and the whole system is easy to adjust and operate with low monthly cost.

About EZMaintain.com

EZMaintain.com is located in Elyria, OH with a detachment in Vadodara (India). It is a part of Techgate LLC. The company focuses on CMMS solutions for industrial facilities belonging to Polymer Processing, CNC Machines, Oil & Gas and other segments.


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