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Moplen heterophasic copolymer brings increased flexibility

News 28.09.2017

Food and beverages are the two sectors that are highly dependent upon the versatility of their packaging solutions. Today, a top global plastics, chemical and refining player LyondellBasell presents Moplen, an innovative product aimed at advancing sealing strength paired with better versatility to meet the demand for food pouches, steadily increasing worldwide.

Moplen polypropylene copolymer is manufactured with a non-phthalate based catalytic system. This grade will allow size differentiation in size, but also enable designs that are more complex and more filling options, therefore serving for a wide spectrum of food/beverage types. Moreover, its innovative capacity is improved as it enables companies to save time, costs and power during production. These savings become possible thanks to improved homogeneity and flowability of Moplen grade EP310J HP, making it possible to process it at high-speed and high-throughput lines.

When discussing the series of heterophasic Moplen copolymers, Dario Giudici, marketing manager of LyondellBasell PP FlexiblePackaging Europe, highlighted that LyondellBasell has a long history of offering pioneering resin products and leading solutions in polymer manufacturing. He mentioned that polymer industry at the current moment is changing fast, but Moplen portfolio for cast film applications adapts to ever-growing customer requirements.

With Moplen EP310J HP, the company broadens its PP materials portfolio for producing films that range freezable to retortable, thus refining the experience of flexible packaging users all over the world. However, this offering may be of interest also to other customers, as Moplen EP310J HP is not just a good fit for lamination, but exceeds the performance of other heterophasic polypropylene copolymers in impact strength, puncture-proof properties and tear resistance. Excellent results in the aforementioned performance indicators are coupled with increased seal strength and integrity, making Moplen EP310J HP worth giving an attentive consideration.


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