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Klöckner Pentaplast: Modern solutions for medicinal packaging

News 22.09.2017

Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) boasts a wide portfolio of solutions for pharma/medical equipment packaging and corresponding services. At the forthcoming ASEAN Pharma Packaging Conference 2017 (APPCON), to be held on November 2 and 3, 2017, in Mumbai (India), the kp engineers will highlight once again their highly advantageous BlisterPro® XCEL Services. In addition to that, the latest development by Klöckner Pentaplast, Pentapharm® LiquiGuard™, will be presented. Finally, Daniel Stagnaro, product marketing manager at Barrier Products, will hold a discussion of "High Technology Film for High OEE in High-Speed Line." 

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Pentapharm® LiquiGuard™

BlisterPro® XCEL Services: Boosting new packaging development

Building on the company's half-a-century barrier film expertize, BlisterPro® XCEL Services suite takes product/packaging synergy to the next level. The suite allows for predicting barrier characteristics of the end package, thus cutting down drastically the necessity for on-line trials that are costly and time-sapping or even eliminating it altogether. BlisterPro® XCEL enables finding the right materials and creating designs within weeks instead of months, boosting benefits significantly. The first i.center by kp in Charlottesville, Virginia (U.S.) hosts an expanded BlisterPro® XCEL suite aimed at helping customers worldwide commercialize their products more rapidly and thriftily.

Pentapharm® LiquiGuard™: Unit-dose blisters for longer shelf life and better portability of liquid-fill drugs

Only recently, unit-dose blister packaging has been reserved to solid medications or nutraceuticals. Committed to surmounting traditional technical challenges, Klöckner Pentaplast has though thought out of the box and created LiquiGuard™, an innovative blister film product for direct forming and packaging of hot-fill and cold-fill liquid and semisolid products. This breakthrough product within the Pentapharm® will be unveiled in detail to the intrigued public at the conference.

The film prevents moisture fluctuations within blister packs as well as leaching of the latter. At the same time, it boasts crystal clarity and high thermal stability. Frank Oliveri, kp's director for global business development at the Pharmaceutical Packaging unit, is confident that Pentapharm LiquiGuard™ is a cutting-edge solution for unit-dose packaging of liquid/semisolid medicinal drugs. The product is especially rewarding if the packs require extreme thermal resistance during production: a very wide temperature range of –183 to 120 ºC is supported. This said, the film offers every advantage of a conventional transparent blister film for thermoforming, with adjustable moisture barrier properties.


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