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Revere extends flexible packaging capabilities with Bobst Master M6

Revere extends flexible packaging capabilities with Bobst Master M6

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A new highly automated BOBST MASTER M6 machine with quicker setup and lower waste will allow the Seattle, WA-based company to take further advantage of the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

Family-owned and managed, Revere Group manufactures direct-contact food packaging, including film, bags and pouches, and labels, with most customers found in the confectionery, nutrition and gourmet food industries. Founded in 1938, the fourth-generation company is headed up by co-owners and co-presidents Mark and Sally Revere. Consistent delivery of high quality, food-safe packaging, and the ability to meet very short timelines for new or repeat products are two of the most important factors to the company success.

Over the past few years, Revere has established in-house pouch production by combining the capabilities of a BOBST MASTER M5 flexo press with an inline solventless laminator, and a Karlville pouch-making line. As the company scales up the flexible packaging side, the new top-of-the-range MASTER M6 will offer improved efficiencies, allowing Revere to meet customers’ demands for faster delivery, reduced waste, and packaging produced with new eco-materials.

Mark Revere explained, “We recently began making pouches internally and we are seeing shorter run lengths, more versioning, faster turnaround, as well as compostable solutions being requested. Our solution allows our customers to purchase both short, medium and longer running jobs with brand consistency thanks to industry leading setup times and print speeds of up to 200m/min.”

Reducing complexities with automation

The current trio of BOBST MASTER inline flexo presses at Revere are all running UV LED low migration inks for printing food contact packaging. One MASTER M5 is a 630mm wide machine for flexible packaging, while the other is a 370mm dedicated to label production, both purchased in 2015. The recent addition, the MASTER M6, is a multi-process, multi-substrate machine which is dedicated to film printing.

“We’ve been fortunate to have an incredible amount of demand for the print that we produce on the MASTER M5,” said Mr Revere. “So, when it became time for us to buy another press, we were happy to choose the M6, which takes the M5 technology and expands it even further with job change on the fly, reduced waste and incredibly quick setups.”

Revere’s ten-color MASTER M6 features turret unwinders and rewinders and runs with inline solventless lamination. Digital automation on the press ensures productivity and process repeatability, making it very easy to run for less experienced operators as it requires only minimum and tool-free intervention. “As we ramp up production on the M6, we anticipate the main benefits to be reduced changeover times and the ability to have lesser skilled operators producing effectively, more quickly,” he said.

The Seattle company is leveraging BOBST’s oneECG technology for seven-color expanded gamut printing with highly reliable color consistency to hit over 93% of the Pantone colors, and DigiFlexo automation technology for pressure setting, registration control and adjustments while the press is running – on all three machines.

“DigiFlexo allows the press to monitor pressure setting as well as registration control and automatically make adjustments when needed. That’s critical with oneECG, because it allows the color consistency to be monitored, measured and adjusted on-the-fly by the press itself,” stated Mr Revere. “We have been printing using oneECG for highly dependable color consistency for over four years now, and it’s our goal to use the technology 100% of the time. Our customers don’t typically request it, but once we explain the major benefits to them and they see the excellent results, they are very excited.”

Moving into greener applications

Stand-up pouches, including gusseted pouches, currently account for 6.7% of the flexible packaging market, with a predicted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% to 2025. Many brand owners are moving products from rigid formats to pouches due to the lower costs, greater sustainability and bigger shelf appeal. With less plastics used for each, pouches costs three to six times less to produce than a rigid package equivalent.

They also take up less space in transport, in storage and on shelf, and the format offers a much bigger area for branding because the entire surface can be printed.



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