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Future-oriented solutions by Moretto at Fakuma 2017

News 14.09.2017

October 17 to 21, Moretto will hold a 231 m2 booth (3208 in hall B3) at Fakuma 2017, highlighting its most recent innovations and the corporate values of passion, responsibility, and reliability. State-of-the-art products developed entirely in-house provide tailored and cost-efficient solutions ranging from product design and manufacture to sales and aftersales support.

The company will also display the progress made within Moretto 4.0, a smart factory concept of interlinked equipment, as opposed to traditional fragmented services, coupled with ERP software to record, process and share extensive production data. Thus, the smart factory can adjust its output to real-time market needs, anticipate required breaks and stop equipment. Moretto faces the today's and future challenges of the plastics industry with confidence.

Let us overview the ingredients of Moretto 4.0 concept that covers every product series supplied by the company.

FEEDING 4.0 includes Dolphin, One Wire 6, and KruiseKontrol conveying systems that integrate seamlessly with ERP systems for independent parameter management.


KruiseKontrol patented system controls the transportation speed automatically thanks to an integrated suction block, optimizing and adapting the speed to specific material conveyed. The system levels speed peaks at critical pipeline points; the speed of granulated material supply is kept constant. Thus, KruiseKontrol avoids issues such as dusted pipes, excessive wear, resin stress, or angel hair and refines the quality of molded items. Moreover, the system includes 40 standard material profiles and the same number of customizable ones, easy to handle thanks to the operator-friendly programmable touch panel.

DRYING 4.0 includes X Max dryer, Moisture Meter and Flowmatik products for closed-loop raw material treatment, keeping end product quality tangible and consistently certified.

X Max is a multi-bed drying system, flexible, constantly performant and efficient (–65 °C dew point). The dryer is also highly modular: 3 to 10 units, with even the basic 3-unit version preventing production breaks thanks to one standby unit ready to intervene at any time. Rotational regeneration has an extended periodicity of 60 h, for long process cycles of up to 76 h. Adaptive airflow keeps the material free from thermal stress and viscosity fluctuations. Finally, the system is one-power and does not require neither cooling water nor compressed air supply; a conversion valve recovers the regeneration heat completely, resulting in power savings of up to 60% compared to traditional systems. A color touch panel grants the operator a simple programmable interface.

Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter is aimed at in-line measurement of residual moisture of granulated material being dried. The innovative tool boasts 7-year joint development with leading schools, resulting in constant precision for certified batch production. It is factory-calibrated and displays PPM or absolute % data by sampling conveyed material every 2 seconds. Some 40 predefined material profiles include common engineering plastics such as ABS, PA6, PA66, PMMA, PEEK, etc. and allows for easy setup of user-defined profiles as well. Dielectric properties of granulated material are taken into account by the tool in order to avoid PPM readout fluctuations.

Moisture Meter Plus has a Crown device installed additionally at the entrance of the drying hopper for initial granule moisture control and comparison with final moisture value. This enables a prompt real-time control of process quality by creating a perfect closed loop through the dryer, raw material and the processing machine.


DOSING 4.0 includes Gravix, Gramixo and loss-in-weight dosing systems. This equipment allows for data exchange in a network, remotely machine parameters control, and recording consumption, production, and cost data. Gramixo with the exclusive Vibration Immunity System technology is the best fit for blown film production due to its weight-per-meter function.

STORAGE 4.0 is Silcontrol, storage management system for raw material that supports external and internal silos, bins and storage containers. Data, events, and records of each container are constantly managed by the system, eliminating possible human errors.

COOLING 4.0 is X Cooler, the innovative series of highly efficient, customized, modular refrigeration and temperature control systems for full integration in cooling management systems thanks to direct data collection.

SUPERVISING 4.0 is Mowis, smart factory-ready SCADA software for integrated supervision of plastics processing. This tool enables real-time monitoring and ever more interactive and predictive analysis of data gathered. Compared to traditional equipment, where sensors reconstruct what has happened, Mowis integrates the entire factory by controlling production in real time. Mowis system can manage up to 1,200 equipment units in 22 dedicated areas.

The software is self-configurable, following a user-friendly factory layout creation with immediate setup of working parameters of every single machine and peripheral. Object-oriented interface gives the operator intuitive management and system control. Mowis is multilingual (10 languages by default), highly reliable, open (data extraction at any time) and remotely assisted directly at the operator PC. It provides traceable operator events, four access levels, and support for up to four client servers and ten 50" information screens.

Moretto supplies its future-oriented solutions, aimed at satisfying every process and power optimization demand in handling and processing of plastic materials, in over 70 countries of the world.


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