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Südpack xtear: Tear-off perforation for easy opening

News 24.07.2017

Today, packaging does not only attract consumers by exceptional product protection but also by its convenience. Südpack Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG produces composite films with xtear perforation, which enables opening the packaging in no time and with no need for a cutting tool. On the other hand, it makes the packaging process easier for food manufacturers, as xtear film is compatible with any traditional packaging equipment.

Ease of opening...

verpackungsfolie xtear

Aged people and young children appreciate keeping it simple when it comes to open a packaging; also, travellers by train or car do quite often enjoy a quick snack. All in all, the ease of opening is another important factor diving consumers' choice of food products. Convenient opening solutions win over ones that are less so.

As a top supplier of opening aids and resealable packaging, Südpack has recently expanded its product range with xtear, a tear-off perforation solution not requiring any tool to be used. The innovation also cuts down the risk of splashing or scattering the contents of a packaging opened too roughly: it always opens strictly following the perforation. Consumers can thus portion their snacks with ease.


To resume, xtear is "a practical opening solution for a variety of products and packaging types. Along with mini sausages, cheese sticks and other snack products, the laser perforation is also suitable for pourable products. Thanks to xtear, the product can be dispensed in precise amounts," as explains Johannes Remmele, a managing partner of Südpack. Since the premiere of xtear, Südpack implemented the solution in numerous projects with its customers. The company experts helped developing an easy-to-open tubular bag for Goldsteig mozzarella cheese, a multi-chamber tray easily separated following the perforations, and many others.

...And ease of processing

Perforation by laser makes the new solution particularly manufacturer-friendly. Films with xtear perforations are easily processed on conventional packaging equipment with no need for extra devices. Thus, processes are kept lean and additional investments are avoided when using the Südpack technology. The company's film experts support customers throughout the phases of designing, testing and refining laser perforations on a new product, taking into account particular packaging atmosphere, valves used and so on.

Johannes Remmele adds: "We see the laser process as a finishing option of the future, one that will become widely established in the coming years. Our in-house laser equipment enables us to offer customers a wide range of finishing options to attract attention to their products on the supermarket shelf and to convince consumers using the product." The laser system at the Südpack facility allows for processing films both lengthwise and crosswise. A composite film comprising a substrate and a barrier layer is used, the former being removed with high precision, and the sealing layer staying intact.

About the company

The Südpack Packaging Group is based in Ochsenhausen, Germany. Founded in 1964 by Alfred Remmele, the family - managed business operates 3 5 sales offices and production sites in Germany, France , Poland and Switzerland. Südpack specializes in lid films, hard/soft films and bags.With some 1300 employees, the corporate group generated more than EUR 367 million in sales in 2016 .


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