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PURe Mix Compact from Frimo: A new machine layout for the stage

News 11.07.2017
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With the PURe Mix Compact, FRIMO has designed a new machine layout specifically for installation on a platform. As the central exhibit, the PURe Mix Compact also brings with it many elements from the standard tool box of FRIMO PURe Mix dosing systems. Here, too, all of the components are mounted on a common machine frame. The system has been designed specifically for platform installation and therefore has a small footprint, despite the fact that there are no compromises in terms of equipment and accessibility. This is a typical requirement of system layouts with platforms.

According to the producer, this system model is also ideal for operation in a temperature-controlled box, which ensures consistent temperatures. In regions with large fluctuations in climatic conditions, this can be a sensible or even essential measure to create stable conditions for polyurethane processing. The dosing machine is therefore always equipped with an external visualization system, which can be set up in the machine operator's work area outside the temperature controlled box in an operator-friendly way. The visualization can be used to monitor the processing parameters and enter the limit values. It can also be combined with other system parts. The PURe Mix Compact is perfect for processing mid-range volumes using 2-component PU foam systems. Depending on the component that requires a foam lining – e.g. armrests, door or instrument panels and carpets – this model range can be used with switchover units and several mixing heads.

About the company

A number of production and sales locations belong to the FRIMO Group, with more than 1,400 employees in Europe, Asia and America as well as numerous international representatives. The work of the FRIMO Group for the plastics processing industries includes a broad range of technologies from polyurethane processing, flexible trimming, punching, pressing and forming, thermoforming, laminating, and edge folding, as well as joining and gluing. System solutions for large series capable processing of fibre-reinforced plastics (composite technology) are also part of the business.


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