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ULTEM™ UTF120 film from SABIC for dielectric film capacitors

News 15.06.2017
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Capacitors are irreplaceable in electrical and electronics industry. The need for compact, lightweight capacitors with high power density, keeping large amounts of electrical energy for long with no major current leakage or loss of charge, even at high temperatures, is constantly on the rise. In order to satisfy this need, SABIC is starting the production of a new polyetherimide (PEI) film, ULTEM™ UTF120.

The new high-heat dielectric film with high power density meets the strictest technical requirements for being used in pro-grade dielectric film capacitors.

The UTF120 film keeps its performance over a temperature range of –40 to +150 °C and over a current frequency interval. Each of the following capacitor characteristics is kept stable: insulation resistance, capacitance, high dielectric constant (Dk) and low dissipation factor (Df). The increased working temperature range of capacitors manufactured with ULTEM™ UTF120 results in heightened reliability and reduced/eliminated need for active cooling of converters.

Dr. Alan Tsai, head of High Performance Forms/ Specialties at SABIC, thus commented on the topic: "The successful commercialization of ULTEM™ film UTF120 has enabled SABIC to enter the high temperature film capacitor market. Eliminating the need for active cooling will enable our customers to have a simpler and more flexible system design in electric vehicle application. This is also a stepping stone towards next-generation dielectric film products, and provides translation opportunities for ultra-thin film to other application areas."

The new ULTEM™ film UTF120 is flame-retardant; it boasts very high adhesion to metals along with dimensional and mechanical stability over a wide temperature interval. Capacitors produced with ULTEM™ UTF120 withstand 260 °C reflow soldering, which is the industry standard.

The new material was created with the aim of enabling perfect handling via metallization, capacitor winding and flattening. The film is easily processed with no need for purchasing new equipment. ULTEM™ UTF120 has been qualified with both metalized (flat or tapered), film-foil and patterned electrodes.

The innovative film can cover a vast application range, from automotive DC/DC converters, electrical compressors or HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting, to LCD backlight or LED lighting, as well as film capacitors for mass transportation and renewable power sectors.


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