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Extrusion 5-2024

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Rampf Advanced Polymers started operations

Rampf Advanced Polymers started operations

News 06.07.2024
Dr. Christian Weber (left) and Peter Barwitzki, CEOs of RAMPF Advanced Polymers

RAMPF Advanced Polymers, the new company of the international RAMPF Group, officially started operations on July the 1.

Key Facts

  • 1. RAMPF Advanced Polymers is on the market with more than 1,000 formulations for formulating, sealing, casting, and design.
  • 2. Global capacities for production as well as R&D ensure high delivery reliability and rapid product development.
  • 3. Pioneering closed-loop approach – Production waste from customers and RAMPF companies is processed into high-quality recycled polyols and used in the manufacture of new products.

The company’s portfolio includes:

  • Sealing systems, electro and engineering casting resins, edge and filter casting resins, and adhesives
  • Board and liquid materials for model and mold engineering
  • Chemical solutions for the manufacture of customized recycled polyols based on polyurethane, PET, and PIR residues
  • These high-performance polymers are used worldwide in a wide range of industries – from automotive and electromobility, electrics/electronics and white goods to aerospace, foundry, furniture, and mattresses.

RAMPF Advanced Polymers was established by merging the chemical comapanies RAMPF Eco Solutions, RAMPF Polymer Solutions, and RAMPF Tooling Solutions.

RAMPF Advanced Polymers’ products and solutions are manufactured in Germany, the USA, and China, ensuring a high level of supply security. The R&D activities at these locations are now coordinated and managed centrally. The RAMPF Group's chemical expertise is thus pooled across departments and countries. The resulting synergies will significantly accelerate the development of new and the improvement of existing products.

A global partner and sales network guarantees prompt and local customer service.

Closed-Loop Recycling

RAMPF has been dedicated to the chemical recycling of polyurethane since 1992 – as one of the very first companies to do so. The company processes its own production residues as well as those from customers. The resulting recycled polyols are used in both the products of customers and RAMPF companies.

This unique closed-loop approach will be pursued even more consistently within RAMPF Advanced Polymers with the aim of further increasing the number of products manufactured using recycled or bio-based raw materials.


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