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Aslan presents a new digital printing film

Aslan presents a new digital printing film

News 10.06.2024
ASLAN Webslider DRP 07 1440x580 DE

Gloss white digital print film LoopPET UltraTack ASLAN DRP 07 has at least 30 % recycled polyester. It was specifically developed for PVC free, short to medium-term advertising campaigns and signage on low-energy and other difficult-to-apply surfaces such as aluminium or zinc, as well as non-absorbent, mineral substrates such as tiles, glazed ceramics, granite and marble. Designed for more sustainable indoor and outdoor applications on flat surfaces, the LoopPET UltraTack ASLAN DRP 07 is equipped with a highly transparent, solvent-free, high-tack particularly strong that adheres reliably to difficult and non-polar substrates.

The advantages of this more sustainable digital printing film according to company:

  • Raw film made from at least 30 % recycled raw materials (PCR PET): the recycled content of one roll is equivalent to 50 PET bottles (1.5 litres).
  • A more sustainable version of the renowned UltraTack ASLAN DFP 07
  • Solvent-free high-tack adhesive, ultra-strong tack level of 26 N/25 mm
  • Residue-free removal from low-energy surfaces
  • Minimum application temperature of 5° C
  • Does not contain any plasticisers
  • PVC, VOC and solvent free product
  • No shrinkage
  • The critical amount of water used in production is lower than conventional PVC films
  • A high gloss white surface
  • Chemically recycled, corresponds to virgin quality
  • Printable with latex, UV curable inks and silk screen inks

 LoopPET UltraTack ASLAN DRP 07 joins the ever-growing product range of more sustainable self-adhesive films from ASLAN. It is PVC-free, made from recycled raw materials and produced with a specially designed water-based adhesive.


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