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Kiefel: New Thermoforming Machine KMD 78.2 Premium

Kiefel: New Thermoforming Machine KMD 78.2 Premium

News 16.11.2023
Neue KMD
The new KMD 78.2 Premium offers a higher polymer packaging production output, reaching up to 45 cycles/min

Recently, Kiefel has launched the new SPEEDFORMER KMD 78.2 Premium steel rule cutting machine for the production of polymer thermoformed packaging. This high-quality solution is faster and more precise in comparison to its predecessor, the KMD 78.1 Premium, delivering new features which offer the customer even more efficient production of trays, containers, hinged boxes, pallets, blisters, lids and technical applications products.

“The KMD 78.2 Premium not only has improved performance capabilities but also enables fast and simple tool change, making it easy to switch film between production runs and increasing machine utilisation”, emphasizes Armin Dietrich, Global Director of the Polymer Packaging Division at Kiefel. “According to our customers, this machine is the best in class in the market”.

Increased output of polymer products thanks to higher speed and cutting forces

The KMD 78.2 Premium, an enhanced version of one of Kiefel’s most popular machines – the KMD 78.1 Premium – was recently launched. While maintaining the same forming area as its predecessor, this new machine for polymer packaging production is equipped with a bigger vacuum and forming air system, along with more powerful servo-drives for the forming, punching, and cutting stations. This improved capability leads to a higher production speed, allowing up to 45 cycles/min and resulting in higher output.

Some of the key benefits of the KMD 78.2 Premium are its well-proven performance and process control thanks to servomotor drives for tables, plug assist, film transport, and the stacking pusher. This advanced technology together with its faster heater-bank response allow for greater precision and efficiency throughout the production process, resulting in higher-quality products.

Versatile machine with improved Pick&Place Inline stacking and easy maintenance

The new KMD 78.2 Premium provides customers with the opportunity to get even higher production speed with its updated, faster Pick&Place Inline. An additional servo- A/B-Ejector drive is also available. This Pick & Place Inline is a dual stacking system, allowing an existing up-stacking tool to be used. The well-established Up-stacker has an improved pusher servo-drive. The ejector & A/B-ejector drive with servo-motors can be selected.

More customizable stacking solutions are also available, such as the innovative Tip-stacker – exclusively available from Kiefel - as well as the easy to handle Down-stacker. This high level of flexibility makes the KMD 78.2 Premium a versatile machine that can be adapted to customers’ production requirements.

Moreover, its user-friendly HMI equipped with a large touch screen and reliable functionality enables convenient operation while its more intelligent lubrication and additional diagnostics facilitate machine maintenance.


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