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Extrusion 6-2023


Extrusion 6-2023


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Lifocolor at Fakuma 2023: Innovative masterbatch solutions

Lifocolor at Fakuma 2023: Innovative masterbatch solutions

News 16.09.2023
At FAKUMA 2023, Lifocolor will be showcasing new and advanced masterbatch solutions for colouring, stabilising and functionalising thermoplastics. Lifocolor


  • Expansion of the "Eternity Colours" with further shades on 100 % natural colourants
  • Trend colours 2024 in convincing "Design4Recycling
  • Product solutions especially for manufacturers of thin-walled articles such as bottles and film applications
  • UV and filling protection without benzotriazoles
  • White preparations with particularly high opacity for dosages of one percent or more
  • Authentic granite effect in four attractive shades

Lifocolor uses natural colourants

The Eternity Colours include masterbatches in new shades that are made up entirely of natural colourants. The products, some of which are entirely vegan, are primarily suited for use with bio-based, biodegradable polymers. The constantly growing LifoCycle range offers cost-effective, recyclable and sortable concentrates for reused polyolefins (e.g. PE, PP) and polyesters (PET). The products can be used as required on a fully recycled basis for end products made from 100% recyclate. Lifocolor is also highlighting a purposeful and effective “Design4Recycling” concept shown in the future trend colours from Colour Road 2024 in both virgin and regranulated materials.

Product solutions for thin-walled articles and film applications

The company also expanded its portfolio specifically for manufacturers of thin-walled articles that are made using blow-moulding and extrusion processes for example bottles as well as for film applications. Expressive colour and effect concentrates will be unveiled for the first time at the trade fair as film samples for packaging companies or furniture manufacturers.

As part of the Lifostab portfolio, Lifocolor also offers additives for UV and content protection without the use of benzotriazoles. In doing so, we are responding to potential classifications of certain benzotriazole compounds as substances of very high concern (SVHC) by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). The advanced Lifostab range also includes content protection for rPET on the basis of completely recycled products.

Lifocolor White preparations with particularly high opacity for dosages of one percent or more | Lifocolor White Portfolio

Powerful white concentrates for PET applications

Since the production of thin-walled articles is driven partly by material and thus colouring costs, Lifocolor is recommending powerful white preparations with a particularly high pigment content for white applications. They are available on the basis of virgin or recycled carriers. Compared to the standard products available on the market, the high-loaded batches impress with their high whiteness. They show tremendous coverage in let-down-ratios as low as one percent. Alongside the economic benefits, more impressive results can be achieved in the colouring of regranulates.

Authentic granite effect

The company is unveiling a new feature for the decorative finishing of polyolefins: an authentic granite effect in four appealing shades. The masterbatches can be used for all common processing methods at temperatures up to 280 degrees Celsius. They lend a timeless, creative and high-quality product design to consumer goods for example from the garden, household, sport, leisure, office/stationery and packaging sectors.


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