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Asahi Kasei: 3D Printing Filaments, Purging Compounds, and More at NPE 2024

Asahi Kasei: 3D Printing Filaments, Purging Compounds, and More at NPE 2024

News 08.05.2024

The latest announcement from APNA involved the launch of a new 3D printing product. At NPE, APNA will showcase multiple filaments from their award-winning resins for the first time. These products meet customers' needs in an industry that has become increasingly prominent within industrial, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing processes.

The first line of the new filaments is made from XYRON™, APNA’s modified polyphenylene ether resin (m-PPE), known for its excellent balance of heat resistance and impact strength. This material replaces polycarbonate–acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (PC-ABS), and polyetherimide (PEI) alternatives in various applications. The second line is made from Thermylene® polypropylene (PP) resin and offers high strength and stiffness, does not require drying, and has lower warpage compared to traditional unfilled polypropylene alternatives.

APNA will also unveil a dedicated sustainability kiosk at its booth, showcasing its feed stream diversity and new recycled grade series. Thermylene® R polypropylene compounds are the first of the series, which aim to lower carbon footprints while providing lower density, chemical resistance, and superior strength. Thermylon® R polyamide compounds are also designed to reduce carbon footprint and offer benefits like high-temperature use and stiffness for metal replacement applications. Both lines aim to address the growing sustainability needs of the industry, so experts will be available to discuss post-industrial or post-consumer recycled options to help with circular feed stream initiatives.

“Everyone comes to NPE to see the latest innovations, and we are excited to show our strength as a leader in the industry with resin technology, 3D printing filaments, and purging compounds under one structure,” said Phani Nagaraj, President at APNA. “Our booths provide a great opportunity to see these products up close and better understand how we’re continually pushing the limits of what’s possible across many different industries and applications.”

Through the Asaclean Purging Compounds merger, APNA has created a streamlined process for purchasers to acquire pellets and purging compounds in one place—improving the purchasing experience and increasing efficiency. For relevant user experience and a live demo space, the Asaclean brand will have a separate booth showcasing its PLUS Grade purging concentrate at the show. PLUS Grade is a high-performance, recyclable purging concentrate that addresses the solution of blending seamlessly with processors’ production resins.

Tying in plastic technology diversity, the Asahi Kasei TPS Elastomer Division will display the latest advancements in state-of-the-art S.O.E. products within APNA’s booth. This group will introduce a new line that aims to offer unparalleled processibility, abrasion resistance, enhanced damping properties, and improved adhesiveness by enhancing the features of S.O.E. The addition will expand the industries for which this product can be used, broadening the overall applications while providing key benefits derived from an advanced TPS structure.


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