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CFB: Meeting the demand for nylon packaging

CFB: Meeting the demand for nylon packaging

News 19.05.2023

Cleanroom Film and Bags (CFB), a division of C-P Flexible Packaging, has expanded its operations to meet a dramatic increase in demand for nylon packaging. CFB is now one of the country’s leading manufacturers of nylon cleanroom packaging, serving a diverse customer base across industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical, aerospace and electronics.

Nylon is the material of choice for cleanroom packaging that requires exceptional durability, puncture resistance and friction resistance. It also withstands extreme temperatures and is compatible with gas (EtO), radiation (gamma) and steam (autoclave) sterilization methods. Additionally, nylon provides excellent oxygen and gas barrier properties.

Produced using unplasticized food-grade nylon manufactured from 100% virgin barefoot resin with no additives or processing aids, CFB’s nylon packaging consists of the purest form of polyamide film with the lowest ionic contamination and outgassing. This allows for the highest standards of quality and traceability.

CFB offers both clear nylon packaging as well as orange anti-stat nylon for static-control applications, and CFB’s nylon packaging meets NASA JPG 5322.1E (Level 50) Contamination Control Requirements and up to IEST-STD-CC1246E (Level 50) Cleanliness standards.

“CFB’s state-of-the-art cleanroom facility raises the bar for nylon packaging and allows us to supply nylon cleanroom packaging with exceptionally short lead times that are unheard of in the industry,” says Jaime Read, General Manager of CFB. “This expansion allows us to continue to meet the growing demands of our customers globally, while staying at the forefront of cleanroom packaging innovation.”



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