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New members of Plexiglas® proTerra product family

New members of Plexiglas® proTerra product family

News 17.11.2022
2022 11 15 Plexiglas proTerra massiv Steg WP
PLEXIGLAS® proTerra product range

Sustainable construction materials are becoming increasingly popular. In line with this trend, Röhm has now added multi-skin sheets and corrugated sheets to its PLEXIGLAS® proTerra product family. The translucent sheets contain up to 50 percent recycled PLEXIGLAS® PMMA and impress with the proven brand quality of the original from Röhm. PLEXIGLAS® proTerra multi-skin and corrugated sheets are ideal for roofs of patios, carports, porches, greenhouses or conservatories among others, as they are modified for maximum impact resistance and are thus hail-proof, as well as protecting from harmful UV radiation. At the same time, the material is highly resistant to weathering and UV radiation – with a 30-year guarantee against yellowing.

PLEXIGLAS® proTerra S3P 16-24 triple-wall sheets are available as a colorless and light-scattering variant in lengths from 2000 mm to 7000 mm and widths from 980 mm to 1200 mm. The sheets include the patented, water-dispersing NO DROP coating, making them especially easy to clean. Thanks to their insulating design, they reduce the energy required compared to conventional glazing in greenhouses, for example.

PLEXIGLAS® proTerra WP 76/18/3 corrugated sheets offer light transmission of up to 92 percent and are an ideal fit for various construction styles with their transparency and surface structure (honeycomb). Moreover, their honeycomb structure enables an array of interesting design and light effects. This variant is available in lengths of 2000 mm to 7000 mm and widths of 1045 mm.

PLEXIGLAS® is a building block for greater sustainability

To meet the demand for especially resource-friendly materials, Röhm has added another product to the portfolio of the PLEXIGLAS® acrylic glass brand: PLEXIGLAS® proTerra. PLEXIGLAS® proTerra solid sheets have been on the market since early 2021. These contain approximately 90 percent recycled PLEXIGLAS® PMMA and are manufactured in a co-extrusion process. PLEXIGLAS® proTerra solid sheets are currently available as clear, white or black variants in a range of different formats and thicknesses. Moreover, it is now possible to purchase climate-neutral, semi-finished PLEXIGLAS® products whose production-related emissions are offset by reduced emissions elsewhere as part of a climate protection project.



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