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Friul Filiere on the road of K show

Friul Filiere on the road of K show

News 22.09.2022

Preparations are in full swing for the K2022 trade fair to be held in Düsseldorf from 19th to 26th October. Technology confirms itself as the protagonist of the stand, which, neat and spacious, is the ideal place to converse with the guests. Friul Filiere strives to be chosen as a reliable collaborator, supporting customers in the realisation of their projects today as well as in the medium and long term. 

Omega80 single-screw extruder

At the company’s stand, there will be all our passion for the world of extrusion. In addition to an Omega80 single-screw extruder on display, representing the range of the best performing machines, distinguished by the Friul Filiere universal screw, for processing different types of thermoplastic materials, the focus will be on the world of sustainability. Among the various proposals, the product of excellence that has gained international recognition from the big players in the sector will stand out: the line for the production of Thermal Break profiles (thermal bridge break profiles), increasingly important in the window industry and construction in general, thanks to the thermal insulation performance it guarantees. Today, energy saving is the focus of the building industry and of those who strive for responsible living and housing.

Friul Filiere’s extrusion plant ensures the possibility of producing up to 8 profiles at the same time at a speed of 2 m/min, respecting centesimal tolerances, thanks to a dedicated calibration system with individual flow control.

Alongside this, other technologies already known as FF solutions, will be presented with new case studies realised in recent months, for example sheath profiles of flexible copper bars with thermoplastic material, or special tubes for the medical sector with integrated Tubeasy flow control system, or even complex punching on large profiles and extrusion of extreme materials such as TPU.

There will, of course, be many examples of solutions already realised for the extrusion of composite and recycled materials, formulations studied by Friul Filiere - in the consultancy phase that distinguishes it -, which respond to the contemporary needs of a market that is increasingly sensitive and attentive to environmental and sustainability issues.



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